Civil Rights Timeline

By 2105375
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Montgomery Bus Boycott
    When Rosa Parks was arrested, black organizers for a lady bus boycott. Martin Luther King was aksed to lead this Boycott. This Boycott lasted a year and lead it to bus desegragation.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Was an African American Activist. Rosa was arrested for violating seggragation laws, which was for not giving up her seat to a white man. Rosa Parks was arrested before, for protesting. They used this as a cattlelist, to start a boycott.
  • Governor of Arkansas

    Governor of Arkansas
    The governor of Arkansas refuses to desegregate schools. Eisenhower sends in federal troops to force intergration in Little Rocks Arkansas. The supreme Court rules the segregated schools (unconstitutional.)
  • Woolworth's Counters

    Woolworth's Counters
    Lunch counters were segregated.Black students tried to eat lunch on the white counters. The protesters used non-violence to fight for desegration.
  • "The other America"

    "The other America"
    Michael HArrington writes the book, "The other America." This book blew peopples mind, because they were not aware of so much poverty. This book explained the true experience of the nearly 25% of Americans living in extreme poverty. This also showed the way how government practices have helped the big businesses and hurt the poor.
  • Bermingham Letters

    Bermingham Letters
    Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and goes to jail. To the white ministers in Birmingham appealing to Christianity for peace between races. Police used water hose to punish citizens.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    Appeals to congress to pass civil rights legislation. In this march their was 200,000 participants, this was the largest gathering in history. This is where Martin Luther King gave out his famous speech,"I have a dream.)
  • I have a dream!

    I have a dream!
    In this time MLK adresses the problems in society, how African Americans are still unequal. He tells the people how the world can be in peace. Martin luther King pushed equality trough non-violnce he believe in this theory because of MLK's biggest hero was Ghandi.
  • The assasination of JFK

    The assasination of JFK
    After the death of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson became president, he was vice president. The assassination of JFK was a total shock to the world, it was also very traggic. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of JFK, before he can stand trial he was killed by Jack Ruby.
  • L:yndon B. Jonson

    L:yndon B. Jonson
    Lyndon creates the Great Society, he made lots of fundings. He made fundings for education, food stamps, medicaid and medicare. During Johnson's years in the office the Amerins living below poverty line drops from 24% to 12%. He also increased the involvement in Vietnam.
  • 24th Amendment

    24th Amendment
    On 1964 the 24th amendment passed. Many states, mainly in the south charged a tax in order to vote.This disenfranchised poor people, mainly Africans. This amendment made it illigeal to charge a tax.
  • Civil Rights Bill

    Civil Rights Bill
    This right was singned into law by Lyndon B. Johnson.This law outlawd major forms of discrimination against racial, ethic, national, religious minorities. It also outlawed segregation in schools workplace and other public facilities .
  • Voting Rights Act

    Voting Rights Act
    Even though the 15th amendment gave all races the right to vote, laws still existed that kept them from voting. This made the government to reinforce the 15th amendment. Which today their are many voting issues but nothing major.
  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X
    Malcolm X was killed but nobody know who, but people think somebody from Islam. Malcolm X argued to have separate states for the black, cause he thought that the whites would be racist for ever. This group was a very militant group that fought for the black cause.
  • Watts Riots

    Watts Riots
    The watts riots happened in the city of Los Angeles. The LAPD were very racist and they would abuse their powers against the people. This riot was so big that it was the largest riot in Los Angeles history.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated on April 4th, 1968. He was a black leader, which he understood the risk of his life for fighting for his cause. King was killed by James Earl Ray. King was shot when he was on his balcony, but who was behind his deatch? nobody knows it was controversial. King received Nobel Peace prize for trying to stop Vietnam War.
  • Forced Busing

    Forced Busing
    in 1954 the Supreme Court rules that segragation in schools is unconstitutional, but the schools resisted. Supreme Court says government could use busing as a means to integrate. This was very controversial for both Blacks and Whites.