KJohnson At the Dark End of the Street

  • Miscegenation made illegal

    The state of Virginia made miscegenation illegal
  • Thirteenth Amendment abolishes slavery

  • Universal Negro Improvement Association forms

  • Fair employment Practice Committee created

  • Governor Chauncey Sparks elected

  • Period: to

    Sexual Violence & Rape Battleground

  • Ella Ree Jones Bus incident

  • March for Voting Rights

    E.D. Nixon led African Americans on a march to the registrars office for voting rights
  • Period: to

    McGee Affair with White woman

    Mrs. Willametta Hawkins a white women forced McGee into an affair resulting in his death when McGee tried to break away
  • Rosa Parks joins Montgomery NAACP

  • Recy Taylor Sexual Assaulted

  • Period: to

    County Jury Court Takes Recy Taylor's Case

    Henry County Grand Jury takes the case without indictment
  • Alabama committee for Equal Justice formed

  • Boswell Amendment Ratify campaign

    Prevent African Americans from voting
  • Viola White Bus incident

    Viola White refused to give up her seat
  • Women's Political Council formed

  • Marco Snipes Killed for voting

  • National Emergency Committee Against Violence formed

  • PCCR Created

    President Truman created the president's committee on civil rights (PCCR)
  • NAACP convention in Mobile, Alabama

    Rosa parks gave a speech warning of federal civil rights promises
  • Ruby Floyd accuses 8 men of rape

    Ruby Floyd a white woman accuses 7 African American males of rape resulting in their death
  • Sexual Assault of Gertrude Perkins

    Assaulted by police officers on her way home from partying
  • Gertrude Perkins Court Date

  • Hillard Brooks Bus incident

  • McGee's schedule execution

  • Mark Ingram Incident

    Mark Ingram, an African American male, was accused of looking at an 18-year-old white woman when attempting to ask her father to borrow a trailer.
  • African Women gather at Nation's Capitol

    African American women gather together to listen to each others horror stories
  • Daisy Bates President of NAACP

    Daisy Bates President of Arkansas NAACP branch
  • Birmingham appoints Black Police officers

  • Mark Ingram case dismissed

    North Carolina court dismissed the case against Mark Ingram
  • Brown v Board of Education

  • Period: to

    Magic City turned into Bombingham

    White people burned homes, churches, and businesses of African Americans
  • Period: to

    Montgomery Bus Boycott

    African Americans boycotted the public bus system organizing a system to safely transport African American workers from work and home
  • Claudette Colvin Bus incident

  • Claudette Colvin Court case

    Case handled by Fred Gray
  • Fred Gray Appeals court decision

    Court decided Colvin was guilty and Gray appaealed
  • Emmett Till Murdered

  • Mary Louise Smith Bus Incident

  • Rosa Parks Bus Incident

  • WPC call for Bus Boycott

    Women's Political Council (WPC) called for a Bus Boycott on December 5th
  • Holt Street Baptist Church Meeting

    Martin Luther King, Jr and others spoke up about the injustices against African American Bus riders and a boycott was formed
  • Tallahassee Bus Boycott

  • Citizens Council Crusade

    40,000 whites join the citizen's council crusade as a massive resistance movement
  • Rosa Parks moves to Detroit

  • Integration of Central High School in Arkansas

  • Mayor Gayle Launched "Get Tough"

    Get Tough launched to disrupt bus boycott
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. House dynamited

  • Pro-segregation Rally

    10,000 whites attend pro-segregation rally
  • Prosecutors curious about boycott

    Prosecutors summoned African Americans to know who was behind the boycott
  • Grand Jury Indictments

    Grand Jury returned indictments against Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, and others who mostly were women
  • Annette Butler Sexually Assaulted

    Ernest Dillon, his brother, and cousin raped Annette Butler by posing as a police officer and taking her to the swamps to rape her.
  • Browder v Gayle

    US Supreme Court ruled that segregation outside of public schools violated the Fourteenth Amendment
  • Annette Butler Court Case

    Ernest Dillon pleads guilty
  • Annette Butler Court Case

    Ernest Dillon was sentenced to 20 years of hard labor. This was used to show there wasn't discrimination within the court system.
  • Sexual Assault of Betty Jean Owens

    Four white men attacked Betty Jean Owens in a car with others. They took Betty Jean and raped her 7 times.
  • Betty Jean Owens Court Case

    White men were charged for the first time in Florida history with raping an African American woman.
  • Betty Jean Owens Court Case

    The jury decided the men were guilty with a recommendation for mercy. This saved them from the electric chair.
  • Betty Jean Owens Court Case

    The men were sentenced to life sentences
  • Civil Rights Act Signed into law

  • Assassination of Malcom X

  • Voting Rights of 1965

    Made discriminatory practices illegal for voters
  • Zion Missionary Baptist Church Attacked

  • Liuzzo Murdered by Klansman

    Liuzzo Moton a white woman was murdered by Klansmen for shuttling marchers to and from Montgomery and Selma
  • Viola Liuzzo State Murder Trial

    Klansmen were seen as guilty but others felt Liuzzon violated gender and racial norms.
  • Rosa Lee Assaulted

    Norman Cannon rapes Rosa Lee
  • Rosa Lee Court Case

    Cannon was found guilty of rape and sentenced to life in prision
  • Loving V. Virginia

    Made interracial marriage legal
  • Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Roe v. Wade

    US Supreme Court granted women power over their body choices
  • NOW Rape Task force formed

    National Organization for Women formed the NOW Rape Task force to investigate rape laws
  • Joan Little arrested for shoplifting

    Charged with possession of stolen goods and sawed off shot gun
  • Joan Little Sentenced

    Joan Little sentenced to 7-10 years in jail
  • Joan Little attacked by Jail Officer

    Sergeant Jerry Helms sexually attacked Joan Little in jail. In an attempt to escape Joan Little murdered him. This lead to an immediate search for Joan Little since she escaped captivity.
  • Joan Little Arrested

    Joan was arrested for first-degree murder of Sargeant Jerry Helms
  • Joan Little Court Case

    Court Case for Joan Little used the right for her self-defense to speak out against her rape.