The Rosa Parks Story

  • Rosa Parks Born

    Rosa Parks Born
    Rosa Louise McCauley was born February 4th, 1913 to Leona McCauley, James McCauley in Tuskegee, Alabama, U.S.
  • At the age of eleven she attended the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls.

    At the age of eleven she attended the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls.
    Her first day, the teacher asked everyone to pass up tests and one girl ripped up her paper. mrs. White asked " did you not do well on your test?" She said "why do we even have to learn spelling and arthamitic?" The teacher asked does anyone wants to answer her question? Rosa stands up and says " I was raised by my gandpapy and he said if i put my mind to it, i can do anything in this world, noones better then me, black or white."
  • Rosa leaves school

    While in 11th grade she attended a laboratory school for secondary education. She left school to take care of her sick grandmother back in Pine level.
  • Rosa met Raymond

    In the year of 1931 Rosa was 20 years old when she met Raymond who was 29 years old when they got married. He became interested in her and persisted to get ot know her. He went to her house everyday with flowers. Finally her grandmoter let him and from there they became a couple.
  • The beginning

    The beginning
    They got Married on December 18, 1932.
  • Rosa's Education

    With the help of raymond Rosa got her High School Diploma
  • Civil Rights Activists

    Civil Rights Activists
    Rosa actively involved in civil rights issues. Joined Montgomery Chapter of NAACP, also as a youth leader and secretary.
  • BoyCott Bus Incident

    BoyCott Bus Incident
    When Rosa was 42 years old, she was arrested for not giving up her seat in the black section of the bus to a white man. Rosa Parks only agreed to challenge the segregationist law in court after she consulted with her husband Raymond, her mother, and her attorney.
  • Rosa Found Guilty

    Rosa Found Guilty
    Although concerned about her safety, they still agreed she should move forward with the case. Found guilty on December 6, 1955, of failure to comply with a city ordinance and fined $14, Rosa appealed the decision and didn't pay the fine. Triggered by Rosa's courage, the bus boycott lasted for 381 days.
  • Martin luther King Jr.

    Martin luther King Jr.
    Martin speaks about rosa and what needs to be changed at the meeting.
  • U.S District Court

    Ultimately, the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the buses had to be integrated. On December 21, 1956, Rosa rode in the front of an integrated Montgomery city bus.
  • Move to Detroit

    After the initial court case, and throughout the appeal process, Raymond and Rosa endured numerous verbal threats, abusive letters, telephone harassment, and intimidation. They both lost their jobs and were unemployable in the Montgomery area. Raymond suffered a nervous breakdown from the stress. They made the decision to move to Detroit, Michigan in August, 1957 and took Rosa's mother with them
  • Civil Rights Activist. her job and ends but her activism doesn't.

    Civil Rights Activist. her job and ends but her activism doesn't.
  • Rosa's and Ray's Religion

    Rosa and Raymond were members of the African Methodist Episcopal church (AME) and in 1964, Rosa became a deaconess.
  • Period: to

    Rosa's Occupation

    March 1, 1965 through 1988, Rosa was a staff assistant for Congressman John Conyers, Jr.
  • Raymond's life ends.

    Rosa's long and joyful partnership with Raymond continued until he died in Detroit, Michigan, on August, 19, 1977, after a five year battle with cancer.
  • Rosa's I.S.D

    Rosa's I.S.D
    Rosa founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development to offer career training for kids aged 12 to 18.
  • Honors & Awards

    Honors & Awards
    Rosa received a great number of awards and honors. Rosa was awarded Parks the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor, the nation's highest civilian award.
  • Rosa Died

    Rosa died at the age of 92 at her home on the east side of Detroit while she was taking a nap. Rosa had suffered from dementia for several years. She lived in the Riverfront Apartments complex that overlooked the Detroit River and the border with Ontario, Canada.