TJ Hunt

Timeline created by jamess
  • The start

    In November is when Tj first started filming youtube videos
  • Merch

    He started a branded clothing line
  • The BRZ

    In 2013 Tj got a Subaru BRZ which is one of the most known cars on his channel and his youtube career finally took off after starting to post about this car.
  • The start of

    He made a website that can take you to his channel his merch it also sources performance car parts for you to order.
  • The RX-7

    In 2017 Tj got the RX-7 which is also one of his most known cars which gained him a lot of subscribers
  • Getting into Hyper cars

    In 2019 Tj got into hypercars and its a big step because he is in the range of being able to afford that car and the expensive parts that will come with it he started off with a Ferrari 458
  • Street hunters

    Tj and street fighter LA collabed to make the first widebody kit for the 2020 supra and are now business partners and will make more kits in the future
  • Sabrina's health

    She was hospitalized for 7 days after having a seizure and later doctors finding a mass in her brain