Henry Ford

  • The birth of Henry Ford

    The birth of Henry Ford
    Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. He was born in Dearbon, Michigan on his fathers farm. ( Harris 7) His fathers name was William Ford and his mothers name was Mary Litogot Ford. ( Kenneth 14,15) This event is significant because it was his birth and know one knew that is future would be so big.
  • Tom Morris professional golfer

    Tom Morris professional golfer
    An event that happened while Henry Ford was alive was Tom Morris of St. Andrews wins his first professional golf championship. This happened in 1866.(Grun) His father was a weaver and Tom or "Old Tom" used to his cork for wine around the streets of St. Andrews to practice his skills. ("Old Tom Morris")
  • End of Ashanti War

    End of Ashanti War
    The Anglo-Ashanti Wars were a series of five conflicts.(Grun) These wars were between the Ashanti Empire, in the Akan interior of the Gold Coast, now present Ghana, and the invading British Empire and British-allied African states . The wars were mainly due to Ashanti attempts to establish strong control over the coastal areas of what is now Ghana. The outcome of this war in 1874 was the British won and the Ashanti Empire became part of the Gold Coast. (" Anglo- Ashanti Wars")
  • Mark Twain

    Mark Twain
    In 1875 Mark Twain comes out with "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (Grun)The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. It is set in the fictional town of St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Twain used to live.("The Adventures of Mark Twain")
  • Henry's first engine built

    Henry's first engine built
    In 1875 Henry built his first steam engine behind his school. This happened after he tried to make a small drainage ditch and flooded a farm. After this incident he knew that we could build much better things so he built the engine.( Harris 9) This event is significant because this was the start of Henry's career and this was his first working engine ever built.
  • First job

    First job
    In 1881 Henry became a certified machanist. He went to school for 12 years to get this great accomplishment. This led to his first job that paid $2.50 a week being an apprentice at the flower machine shop. ( Harris 13,14) This event is significant because this was Henry's first job with cars and he didn't know that is would lead to something so big.
  • Picasso's blue period

    Picasso's blue period
    From 1901 to 1904 Picasso had a blue period.(Grun) Pablo Picasso during the blue period his paintings were inspired by Spain but he painted his art work in Paris. In this time span he only painted with shades of blue and blue-green he uses only some other colors to make the picture seem warmer. The depressing art works had trouble selling at the time but now today they are very famous pieces of art work. He was most famous for The Old Guitarist during this time. ("Pablo Picasso Blue Period")
  • Built first car

    Built first car
    On October 10, 1901 Ford built his first car with a working engine. He built the car to race the top competitor for cars Alexander Winton. During the race Winton’s car broke down cause it over heated and Ford ended up winning. People soon came to realize that Winton’s cars were not the best and they were also surprised that his car broke down. ( Harris 20) This is significant because it shows that Henry is good at building cars and can be a tough competitor.
  • Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company
    On June 15, 2903 for motor company was officially created. (Harris 23) The company was founded in Canada. The company was a separate organization with its own shareholders. The company didn’t want to only sell cars in Canada but also across the whole British Empire. (“Ford Company History”) This event is significant because it was the start of a new chain of cars and also it revolutionized the car business.
  • Introduced the model T

    Introduced the model T
    In October 1908 Henry introduced the model T. This car was put on high demand within months. (Harris 45) Ford sold 15 million model T’s before production increases in 1927. Ford made the wheels light and strong vanadium steel alloy for the tough roads. The car was very reliable and easy to maintain to the many new drivers to the car. (“Ford Company History”) This is significant because this was the car that made The Ford Company famous and many people trusted the company.
  • Creates the first Assembly line

    Creates the first Assembly line
    Henry Ford began to develop the idea for the moving assembly line which revolutionized the manufacturing process. (Harris 46) The time decreased from 12 hours to only 2 hours and thirty minutes to make a car. The model T was the car that really made this happen because it was on high demand and had to be produced so much. (" Ford's Assembly line starts rolling") This event is significant because it was the start of a whole new way to make car and it changed the whole car business.
  • Supports toward the War

    Supports toward the War
    In 1917 Henry Ford and his company supported the U.S war efforts. They supported these efforts by converting his plants to manufacture ambulances, airplane motors, and other war material. (Harris 55) The model T was used for these various roles and it was transformed to do many things. This was very significant because it stopped the use of horses and his was a faster and safer way of transportation. (“The Ford model T in WWI”)
  • The Bathysphere

    The Bathysphere
    On August 15, 1934, William Beebe and Otis Barton made themselves world famous by descending in their "Bathysphere" 3,028 feet beneath the Bermuda ocean surface.The Bathysphere and its cables cost $12,000. They painted the Bathysphere white to help attract fish for observation. It was tethered to a mother ship at the surface of the ocean by a single, non-twisting cable 3,500 feet long.("Bathysphere")
  • Production of vehicles during WWII

    Production of vehicles during WWII
    The summer of 1941, Henry Ford’s first strike of ford workers brought agreement from Ford Company to permit workers. Cause of this Ford Company started to produce tanks, trucks, and gliders for WWII. (Harris 98) The Ford Company made jeeps specifically for the generals for a designated purpose. By the end of WWII Ford Company also built other war materials.( "Ford Company History") This is significant because it helped Ford and helped people in the war from U.S and other Country's.
  • Death of Henry Ford

    Death of Henry Ford
    On April 7, 1947 Henry Ford suffered a fatal stroke at the age of 84. Henry died in Dearborn not far from where he was born. He left his wife, Clara Bryant, who he married in 1887, and his two grandsons, Henry II and Benson ("Henry Ford Death") This is significant because many people from his death realized and learned all about cars and he made things easier for us in the future.
  • Fabian Society

    Fabian Society
    In 1884 G.B Shaw becomes a member of the Fabian Society.(Grun) The Fabian Society is a British organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism. Later members of the Fabian Society included G.B Shaw and other leaders of new nations created out of the former British Empire, who used Fabian principles to create socialist democracies in India, Pakistan, Nigeria.The Society founded the London School of Economics and Political Science (" Fabian Society")