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  • Period: to

    1900 to1950 timeline

  • Edwards death

    Edward died
  • gone

    dad goes away
  • sickness

    in 1916 mother dropped into sickness
  • schooling

    father tried to send rosiland to england for schooling but mother does not want her to go because when edward whent their he died of sickness
  • rosiland

    rosiland made a trip to the sweepers house to get the baby
  • Dad come's home

    dad came home
  • grandson

    the sweeper sold the grandson
  • baby

    the sweeper found the baby
  • bye baby

    rosiland took the baby to the orphanage
  • club

    mother and rosiland to to the club
  • Rosiland gets stuck on board with a disease

  • rosiland arrivies

  • rosiland is with her aunts

  • rosliand aunts fight

  • rosiland heres her aunts taking fault for edwards death

  • rosiland meets ravi again at west minester

  • rosiland goes out to dinner with her aunt

  • rosiland and her aunt make a plan

  • rosiland aunt louise makes her own checking account

  • they visit edwards grave

  • Rosiland and her aunt board the train

  • rosiland and her aunt make it to board the steam ship

  • rosiland and her aunt set out back to india

  • rosiland eats dinner with her aunt on the ship

  • rosiland is almost ashore with her mom

  • rosiland reaches the shore

  • rosiland and her aunt travel to the train station

  • rosiland and her aunt reach the train station

  • rosiland and her aunt travel through calcutta

  • rosiland and aunt louise arrive to rosilands home and they are all reunited

  • aunt louise finds out her sister ethyl is coming across the ocean on a steam ship to go to england