Tina Fey- Work as actress

  • Period: to

    Film and TV

  • Fey stared as a SNLextra

  • Starred as a guest in Upright Citizens Brigade

  • Began Weekend Update and starring in sketches on SNL

  • Was in Martin & Orloff

  • Wrote and starred in Mean Girls

  • Starred in Artie Lange's Beer League as Gym Secretary

  • 30 Rock aired on NBC

  • Starred as herself in Man of the Year

  • Starred as Kate in the movie Baby Mama with her friend and SNL colleague, Amy Poehler

  • Guest on SNL doing an impersonation of Sarah Palin

  • Starred as a woman named Shelley in The Invention of Lying

  • Starred in Date Night with Steve Carell

  • Voiced Roxanne Ritchi in Megamind