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Democracy through the AGES

  • 509


    -Rome in 509 B.C.E was declared aa a republic after
    the king was forced out of office.
    -Rich families also the upper class people had been called "patricians", they ruled over the common people or "plebs"
    -When the plebs rebled against they had won more rights
    -Even though they weren't active or as active as the "Athenians" they helped create the new democratic called the "Senate"
  • Sep 17, 700


    -Ancient city of Athens
    -Males who had property where citizen
    -Females,childern and slaves weren't able to be citizen
    -The first democracy
  • Sep 17, 1215


    -The middle ages European countries had a "monarchy"
    -They put kings or Queens in rule in such places as France, England and Russia also of them remember childhood stories of "Robin Hood fighting against the evil King John"
    -Kings and Queen’s thought they owed there power to rule to God and who did not abide by our ruling were against God
    -That was called the "Devine Right of Kings"
  • Sep 17, 1215


    -Parliament came from the word" Parler"
  • Sep 17, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    -King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta
    -This document is to safeguard the rights of citizens such as
    "steal firewood from other lands, steal firewood from other lands, Force knights to pay money to excuse them from guarding the castle, Confiscate horses or carts and Force villagers to build bridges over rivers"
    - Magna Carta is an extremely important document it's starting of our "Parliamentary Democracy"
  • Modern Democracies

    Modern Democracies
    -Americans are able to vote and the powers of the government were restricted so no one in the branch could have too much power
    -If somebody did try to abuse its power they will be dismissed from authority
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    -Was strated inspite of Democracy
    -French used the guillotine to kill those who went against
    - Power left to the military dictator
    -Napoleon tried to use his power to take Europe
  • Communism (The Beginning)

    Communism (The Beginning)
    -Karl Marx wrote "Communist Manifesto outlining Communism"
  • Modern Democracies

    Modern Democracies
    -You would think that with these early revolutions for equality and free from slavery in most western countries, would have created a solid area for democracy by the 20th Century
  • Communism (Next Step)

    Communism (Next Step)
  • Communism (Tragic Results)

    Communism (Tragic Results)
  • Modern Democracies

    Modern Democracies
    -It was noted that the US didn't give women the
    vote until this year
  • Fascism (The Beginning)

    Fascism  (The Beginning)
  • Fascism (Next Step)

    Fascism (Next Step)
  • Universal Declaration

    Universal Declaration