timeline of video game system

By mrdcamp
  • atari2600

    atari was the first popular home consle until the video game crash of 1983
  • oringal nintendo

    in 1986 the oringal nintendo was the greast home video consle through 1985-1993
  • sega genesis

    the first arcade system
  • super nintendo

    this was the 2nd nintendo system
  • plays station 1

  • nintendo 64

    the fith genration game system
  • play staion 2

    in 2000 the play station 2 was the best video game system until the xbox came out
  • xbox

    the first video game to have a internet install in the consle
  • nintendo gamecube

  • xbox 360

    the first one to have live intenet
  • playstation

  • nintendo wii