Timeline of Video Game History

  • Cathode ray tube

    Cathode ray tube
    It records and controls the quality of an electronic signal.

    at Cambridge University. Had a library of short programs called subroutines that stored on punched paper tapes.
    Technology: vacuum tubes
    Memory: 1K
    words, 17 bits,
    mercury delay line Speed: 714 operations per second
  • Sega Jukeboxes

    Sega Jukeboxes
    SEGA distributed coin-operated amusement-type games such as jukeboxes and slot machines. First machine
  • Magnavox Odyessy

    Magnavox Odyessy
    First ever home game console. It had 340,000 consoles sold. Before Atari. Had cartriges,
  • Space Invaders

    Space Invaders
    It was a shooting game that was created in Japan. It was a shooting game to where the player tries to shoot down the aliens as they go down to attack you. Very successfual and made over $2 billion dollars.
  • Galaga

    Was a fighter plane shooter game that was similar to space invaders. One of the first games to have nore that one level. Tried to attack aliens that tried to kill you.
  • Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong
    Was a game from Nintendo and was very popular. Mario tried to save the Princess from ajn Ape called Donkey Kong.
  • Mario Brothers

    Mario Brothers
    Made by Nintendo and saved the gaming economy after it crashed. Was a game based on to plumers known as Mario and Luigi stoping the creatures in the sewer.
  • Tetris

    Tile machine game to whereas you tried to match the tiles. ONe ofthe most popular games ever.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
    Was the best saling game system at the time by Nintendo. Many games including Mario. Was very popular. Worked with other companies to make games for the system. Over 60 million sold.
  • Legend of Zelda

    Legend of Zelda
    High fun action game that had many stragies and was very popular. Try to save the Pricess Zedla as you were the Elf Link
  • Atari 7800

    Atari 7800
    Was Atari's next system that was to be much better than the 5200. Was to be a full fledged home computer.
  • Sega Master System

    Sega Master System
    8-bit cartrige system that was to be a competitor of the NES. was not as popular as the NES.
  • Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy
    One of the first role playing games. was very successful selling over 100million copys. Had realistic character models
  • Sega Genesis

    Sega Genesis
    This was the first 16-bit console. Sold well with the game Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Nintendo Game Boy

    Nintendo Game Boy
    Was the first handheld game system and it was very popular. Came with Tetris.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Game by sega on the 16 bit genesis. Was mascot for Sega and very popular making the start of the Sonic The Hedgehog series of games.
  • Super Nintendo

    Super Nintendo
    Was the best selling console of the 16-bit era. Had good graphics and gameplay to make up for its slow processor speed. Popular into the 32-bit era.
  • Sony Playstation

    Sony Playstation
    Was known as the original Playstation. Had a 32-bit processor and sold over 100million systems
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    Had a 64-bit Processor. Third console by Nintendo. Had popular games including Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64.
  • Sony PlayStation 2

    Sony PlayStation 2
    Sony's second console. Itwas known as the PS2, and is one of the most modern popular games. Has sold over 120 millon consoles.
  • Gamecube

    Nintendos 4th game system. Was the smallest and most compact game system. Popular and was the only system to use an optical disc.
  • Wii

    Nintendo's 5th game system. Is one of the most popular gaing systems ever. Has many people that appeal to it. Has wireless controls that work with a motion sensor.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    Had online gameplay and was one of the fist and biggest systems to have this. Can upload TV's, shows, and other online games.
  • PS3

    The third system by PlayStation. very similarto the Xbox 360. Had similar features and is Third most popular today.