timeline of the God of War saga

  • God of War

    God of War
    This is the first game in this great video game franchise. Developed by Santa Monica Studios and created exclusively for the PlayStation brand console.
  • God of War Betrayal

    God of War Betrayal
    In 2007 this game came out that was made for mobile devices; but also forming part of the sequence of video games on console.
  • God of War II

    God of War II
    In the same year that God of War Betrayal comes out, the sequel to the game comes out this time for consoles and with the novelty that would also be at that time, in the new generation of consoles.
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus

    God of War: Chains of Olympus
    A year after two games from the same franchise were released comes ''God of War: Chains of Olympus''. This game was designed for a portable console called PSP being a prequel to the games already mentioned.
  • God of War III

    God of War III
    In 2010 comes the third installment of this fantastic video game saga and with it also the new generation of consoles, adapting to the great changes and being one of the favorites of the fans.
  • God of War Ghost of Sparta

    God of War Ghost of Sparta
    In this same year an exclusive delivery for the portable PSP console comes out, being a new launch and the last one for this console.
  • God of War Ascension

    God of War Ascension
    Three years after his last game. Santa Monica Studios is preparing to make one more game to conclude the Greek era of its protagonist.
  • God of War

    God of War
    In 2018 a new Nordic era is proposed and begins where the protagonist is seen once again but this time accompanied by his son.
  • God of War Ragnarok

    God of War Ragnarok
    This new installment brings the protagonists back to a new Nordic story that will bring various new problems in the coming year. It remains to be seen how new this new installment will bring us.