Timeline of Dights Falls

  • 1800s

    Changing owner ships of Dights mill a number of times mid-late 1800's
  • 1803

    Charles Grimes was the first European to explore the Yarra
    Traditional owners of the lower Yarra
  • 1835

    Melbourne was eventually settled. This is a map of Dights Falls.
  • 1839

    The first weir at Dights falls , John Dight purchased Melbourne block 88, along the Yarra river
  • 1840

    John Dight went to go to port Phillip
  • 1841

    First steam four powered mill was made
  • 1860s

    John Dight construction of a weir
  • 1878

    The property was sold to Edwin Trennery. This is a picture of Dights falls in 1875
  • 1888

    Original mill on riverbank remained unoccupied until
    new mill and associated buildings were constructed.
  • 1891

    This enterprise was sold to the Melbourne Flour Milling Company.
  • 1895

    A timber structure was built to provide water to the Melbourne flouring-milling company.
  • 1909

    The mill was destroyed in a fire
  • 1918

    First documented reconstruction activity occurred. This is a different map of Dights Falls.
  • 1940

    The weir was constructed with 1.5 tones of rock
  • 1967

    Another breach of the weir occurred after heavy rainfall
  • 1968

    original timber pines were capped by concrete
  • 1993

    Melbourne constructed a water fish way. This is a picture of the old fish way made from rocks.
  • 2012

    A new fish way was built.
    This is a picture of the construction of the new fish way a few years ago.