Evolution of cell phone

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    2006 Cell Phones

  • First phone ever made

    First phone ever made
    First phone ever made. Invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Motorola MicroTac

    Motorola MicroTac
    Flip 'n' Switch Phone created by Motorola in 1992
  • Motorola StarTac

    Motorola StarTac
    How to operate the Motorola StarTAC Cell Phone realeased by Motorola, now discontinued, SMS, 16 languages, removable NiMH 500 mAh battery, no games, no alarm and yes clock.
  • Nokia 1610

    Nokia 1610
    Instructional Video 900 GMS frequencies, type: bar(classic), one of the first mobile phones. Talk time: 210 min. Stand-by (max.): 110 h.
  • Qualcomm QCP2700

    Qualcomm QCP2700
    One of the very first cellphones, it was used to make and get calls, to send texts messages also but it was very slow but at least in those times it was useful and portable also. It had various battery options too, which was convenient.
  • Ericsson A1228d

    Ericsson A1228d
    Phone released on 1999 by Ericsson Company, it was a very popular phone then.
  • Palm Treo 600

    Palm Treo 600
    It has the full keyboard, it is discontinued now, works with a Mini-SIM, camera, and removable Li-Ion battery.
  • Motorola V60c

    Motorola V60c
    Released 4Q, 2001, 109g, 24mm thickness, no video recorder, 700mAh, SMS, and some games.
  • Motorola V770

    Motorola V770
    Released on August 2002 by Motorola.
  • Sony Ericsson T616

    Sony Ericsson T616
    The American cousin of the T610. This feature-rich GSM phone packs a large display, camera, and Bluetooth into a sleek, compact design. Other key features include Java, Mophun games, GPRS, infrared, MMS, voice dialing, and voice memo.
  • Motorola RAZRv3

    Motorola RAZRv3
    Released in 2004, 3Q, 95g, 13.9mm thickness, 5.5MB storage, no card slot, 0.3MP No video recorded, 680mAh, now discontinued, bluetooth.
  • Sony Ericsson W810i

    Sony Ericcson99g, 19.5mm thickness, 20MB storage, Memory Stick Due Pro card, 2MP (camera), 900 mAh. Now discontinued, loudspeakers, videocamera and camera too.
  • AT&T 8525

    AT&T 8525
    Phone released by AT&T in June 2006, they had just silver and black colors, and the phone worked with a Mini-SIM
  • AT&T 8925

    AT&T 8925
    Released by AT&T, with a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard and a tilting screen. Offers the full gamut of wireless options including 3G and GPS, push e-mail, and 3-megapizel camera, and support for AT&TMusic and Video.
  • BlackBerry 8830

    BlackBerry 8830
    Review of BlackBerry 8830 Released 2007, April, 132g, 14mm thickness, 64MB storage, microSD, no video recorded, 16MB RAM,, 1400mAh.
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700

    BlackBerry Bold 9700
    Getting Started Released 2009, November, 122g, 14mm thickness, BlackBerry OS v5.0, up to v6.0, 256MB storage, microSD card slot, 3MP video recorder.
  • BlackBerry Curve 3G

    BlackBerry Curve 3G
    Released by Blackberry on 2010, trackpad and dedicated media keys, GPS, and Wi-Fi, 3G network support.
  • HTC sensation 4G

    HTC sensation 4G
    Released on June 8, 2011. 148g. 11.3mm thickness, Android OS, v2.3, up to v4.0, 1GB storage, microSD card slot. Camera: 8MP, 540x960 pixels, 768MB RAM(Snapdragon S3) and 1520mAh.
  • Iphone 5

    Iphone 5
    Unboxing and tour
    Released in 2012, September, 112g. 7.6mm thickness, iOS, up to iOS 9.2, 16/32/64GB Storage, Good quality camera, 8MP (1080p), 1GB RAM, 1440 mAh.
  • Windows Phone 8 mobile giant Samsung

    Windows Phone 8 mobile giant Samsung
    This smartphone was lauched by Verizon, it had really good quality camera and worked fast with wireless network.
  • Iphone 6s

    Iphone 6s
    Less Time
    The iPhone 6s is the latest Apple phone created, it has very cool features and it makes life easier in many ways.