Timeline for Home Technology

  • Period: to

    History of Home Technology

    1885 - 1970
  • Light bulb

    A light bulb is a device that produces light from electricity when it is turned on. It is part of a bigger lighting device, such as a lamp.
  • Air conditioner

    The air conditioner, (Sometimes called the air con or AC) is a machine that is used to produce cool air.
  • Exhaust fan

    An exhaust fan is a type of fan which is placed in the bathroom. It brings bad smell and steam (from showering) away.
  • Telephone

    A telephone is an electric tool. Using a telephone, two people who are in different places can talk to each other. Early telephones needed to be connected with wires. Now telephone calls can be sent with radio. This is also called wireless.
  • Refrigerator

    The refrigerator is a machine which keeps food cold and fresh. There are usually 2 sections in the refrigerator, the fridge and the freezer (which is usually below 0 degrees.)
  • Electric Oven

    Ovens are closed, heated containers which are used for heating, baking, and drying. It is used the most often in cooking and pottery.
  • Microwave Oven

    A microwave oven (commonly called a microwave) is a machine that cooks food using microwaves, which is a type of radio wave.
  • Television

    A television (also TV or telly) is a machine with a screen. Televisions can usually receive broadcast signals and turn them into pictures and sound. Usually people watch television for entertainment. Sometimes to watch the news.
  • Computer (PC)

    A Computer is a machine which changes information according to the rules it has been set. In the early days, Computers are mainly used for calculating. But now, it is mostly used for going on the internet, making documents, playing games etc.
  • Electrical Washing Machine

    A washing machine is a machine designed to wash dirty clothes. Clothes are placed in drums which is filled with water, then rotated fast to make the water remove dirt from the clothes. Most washing machines are made so that you can put liquids or powders into the machine that will help make the clothes cleaner.