Timeline 3

  • Volstead act

    The volstead act to make alchol illegal is passed.In order to actually enforce the 21st admenent
  • 1920 census

    The census of 1920 revelas that now most of the population lives in cities for the first time in united states histroy
  • 19th admented

    The 19th admitted is passed.Legalizing voting for all citenes, regardless of gender.
  • Harlem reisnissance

    The beginning of the harlem renaissance.Leading to a revial of black culture.
  • Universal Negro Improvement Association (Marcus Garvey)

    This momvent was made in order focus on black empowermnet.With the goal of forming a nation in africa.
  • Dawes plan

    After tensions rises do to failure of Germany to pay war reparations, the Dawes plan successfully solves the issue,with France which had been occupying parts of Germany backing down.
  • 1924 immgration act

    The immgration act wa s passed.To outlaw immigration from asia and place limits on countries that where not completely banned.
  • scopes trial

    A theacher is sued for theaching evoluion.The guilty verdic was overturned and it lead to a greater discussion and teaching of evoltuion
  • Kellogg-Briand Pact

    A pact betwen nations in which the nations that sign it agree not to use war to solves disputes.Thoug it off course falls apart
  • St valentine massacere

    Several mobsters were member by rival gang memers.Being one of the largest crime related massacres in us histroy.
  • Stock market crash

    The stock market crashes. Leading to the run on the bansk. and global depprsioone which would last for several years.
  • Bonus army

    Ww1 veterans protest with the goal of getting pensions they been promised but are violently suppresed.Being a contributing factor in hoovers defeat to roosevelt.
  • Hundred Days

    After Roosevelt is elective a large parts of his plan is put into affect in the first a hundred days of his terms.But it fails to truly end the great depresssion with it dragging on for several years and other programs being implemented.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    This was formed with the goal of providing citizens aid to citizens in the Tennesee valley during the great depression.The teensse vally had been one of the regions most affected by it so it was formed to help combat the affects of the great depression and also modernize the region.
  • Emergency Banking Relief Act,

    Another one of rosevelt law.With the goal of stabilizing the financial system and reopen banks.
  • U.S. off gold standard

    The us is off the gold standerd.Gold had been a contribtbuting factor in the great depression.As people had been horading it,and he wanted to try to estimate the economy by inflating the value of currency.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps,

    A government program in order to provide work for citizens.Its acaully one of the more popular programs but its shut down during the second world war
  • Federal Emergency Relief Act

    A government program to provide direct aid to the states.Providiing over three billion an aid during its tenure.
  • National Industrial Recovery Act

    A law passed in order to give the president more power to regulate the economy.This helps roosevlet pass many of his reforms.
  • Public Works Administration

    THe public works is established to help manage all the new programs being done during this period.
  • Civil Works Administration

    The civil works admission established in order to provide citizens with short term manual labor jobs
  • 1935

    The great deprssion contutnes.Despite the numerous relifre programs made with the goal of combating it leading to Roosevelt becoming less popler since he was started to be seen as a tyreant with anffectitve policys.
  • Jesse Owens wins four gold medals

    The black atleth wins four gold medals in the 1936 berlin olympics. Despite this his achievements go unacklodge for the most part in the united states.
  • Neutrality Act (Cash and Carry

    They act lifited the embbargo and allowed for trade with nations at war.But under restrictions to keep the us from getting involved in the war..
  • Destroyers for Bases Deal

    The British and amercaisn come to a deal on a transfer of us navy ships to the British,in exchange for brithis bases
  • Lend lase porgrame

    The lend lease act is mad into law, program to trade supplies to the allies.This help prop up many of the war time economies of the allies and preventing mass-scale starvation.
  • Japen attack on pearl harbor

    Japan launches a surprise attack on pearl harbor.Leading to the entrance of America into ww2
  • Midway

    The battle of midway is fought.Leading to the war turning in America favor in the pacific.
  • Rationig

    Rationing in the united states begans.It inlcuded food but also other ting like tires and firewood.
  • D day

    The western allies launch there attack on nazi occupied western europe.Liberating it.
  • Korematsu v. United States

    A attempt is launch to fight Japanese interment in court.It fails and interment conttenuse.
  • Yalta Conference

    The big three fdr.Churhcill and stalin meet to discuss how the rest of the war would proceed.The user pleges to attack japen in the next few months.
  • Potsdam Conference

    The last of the confrences to decide how to handle the end of the war is held.It larlgy ends in failure.
  • Victory day in europe

    The war ends in Europe with it being dubb V-E victrry in Europe day.Europe would soon be slpit between the user and western allies.
  • Victrory in japen

    The war ends in japen,with it being dubbed victory in japen day.And bringing japen under us occupation
  • Iron curtaine speech

    Do to the ussr actions in Europe Churchill gives his famous iron curtaine speech.Being a symbolic start to the cold war.
  • truman doctrine

    Thet ruman doctrine is formed with the untied states pledging to suporort democratic governments against authoritarian goverments.Weather that be communist or facist.
  • Marshall plan

    The marshall plan is formed to help rebuild europe after the war.Helping prevent the rise of communism in many postwar nations
  • Containment Policy

    The policy of containment is formed.With the goal of halting the spread of communism,defeating us foignen policy for several years.
  • Nato formed

    The north Atlantic treaty organization is formed to alt communism by having all nations pledge to support other members in a millatery coalition.
  • China goes red

    The communist factions wins the civil war in china.Forcing the government there to go into exile.
  • Korean War Begins

    North Korea invades the south leading to the start of the Korean war.Which would end in stalematate.
  • Alger Hiss Convicted

    Alger hiss is arrested afte rhaving been found committing epinonoge.But do to the statute of limitations he is unable to be convicted for it, although he is convicted of perjury.
  • Rosenberg’s Convicted of Espionage

    The Rosenberg couple is convicted of espionage after being caught selling state secrets.Amoung other things they where convicted of selling nuclear secret to the soveit,which may have conitrubted to there development of mulcear weaops
  • McCarthy

    Joseph McCarthy accuses several people of being communist.Although no one is arrested due to him several lives and reputation are ruined.
  • SEATO Formed

    SEATO is formed with the goal of preventing the speed of communistm.Sort of like a nato alternative for Asia and the pacific.
  • Domino theory

    The domino theory is proposed.The theory states that communism bascilly spread like a dieseas.If its allowed to exist in one country,it well inevitably spread to surrounding countries and so on.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Civil rights activist stage a boycott of busus to protest segration on public transportation.It suucces would go on to inspire other activist.
  • Sputnik I

    The USSR launches the first man made satellite into spcae.Launching the space race.
  • Berlin crisis

    Us and ussr tanks face off in berlin. Being the first of several incidents that almost leads to nuclear war.
  • U-2 Incident

    An American spy plan is shot down in russia.With the pilot being captured, proving that the united states was committing espionage on the united states.
  • Bay of Pigs

    The bay of pigs invasion is launched by American back mercenaries to overthrow castro.Its fails.
  • Cuban missle crisis

    Its its discovered that soviet nukes are stations in cuba.Alghough its resolved the incident nerally leads to war
  • James Meredith

    James Meredith the firt black studetn to attend the university of mission univeristy.Leading to an attempt on his life.
  • Gideon v. Wainwright

    After a supreme court ruling it is now required to provide legal counseling to prisoners.
  • Cvil rights act

    The civil rights act outlaws discrimination on the basis of race,sex,religion,or nation of origion.
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    After the gold of Tolkien incident allowing president johnson to do anything necessary to promote American interest in asia in response to the gulf of Tolkien incident.
  • Great Society

    A series of welfate programs are launched with the goal of helping poor citizens.Some that last unitll today like madicare and Medicaid.
  • Miranda v. Arizona

    The Miranda v. Arizona court case establishes that suspect must be informed of there rights before questioning.With the practice soon become standard procedure accurse the entire country.
  • MLK, Jr. Assassinated

    Martin luther king jr is assassinated at a hotel.Leading to ritos acourse the country.
  • My lai massacere

    Us soilders killd hundred Vietnamese civilians.Causing the vietnma war to further decline in popularity course the united states.
  • Tet offensive

    The viet kong launch an attack on American tropes.Although it ends in defeat it breaks the allusion that the was is almost over and victory is certaine.
  • SALT

    Talks are held between the ussr and america in order to limit the number of missile capable of carrying nuclear bombs.With the goal of bringing an end to the arms race between the united states and the ussr.
  • Massive Demonstrations Against Vietnam War

    Due to many things like the tet offensive breaking the illusion of a quick and easy victory and the my lai massacre the war in Vietnam becomes extremely unpopular.Leading to protest accouse the country.
  • Kent state

    National guard members shot several anti war protests at ken state university.Further amplifying already existing cold war tension
  • Nixon Opens Relation with China

    Richard nixion visits and open relaltionship with china.Being the first time a sitting us presidents visits communist china.
  • Nixion resigns

    Richard Nixon resings due a likely impeachment due to the Watergate scandal.Being the first and so far only president to resign
  • South Vietnam Falls to Communists

    After years of war and the us pulling out of Vietnam south vietnam is conquered by the north.Leading to a united vietnam.
  • American Hostages in Iran Released

    Following the iran revolution Islamic fanatics had stormed the us embasy.Keeping them as hostages,although they are realised.
  • Strategic Defense Initiative

    Reagon launches the "star wars' program with the goal of finding new ways to shot down nuclear weaopans.But the program never gets off the ground.
  • Iran-Contra Arms Deal

    The iran contra affair comes to light.With it coming out that weapons wear being sold to Iran to fund militants in nicaragua.
  • Fall of Berlin Wall

    The berlin war collaps,although the cold war would last for two more years it would serve as a symoblic end to it.With the user no longer being seen as theart.
  • Berlin reuniicfcation

    Esat Germany is reunified with west. With it becoming part of the federal republic of Germany.
  • Operation Desert Strom

    Operation desert storm is launched.driving the invasing iraq from kuwaite..Being one of many post cold war conflcints
  • Collsape of the soviet uion

    The reaming states of the soviet union officially succdeing,including Russia. Bringing an end to the cold war and ussr.