Timeline 2010-2020

  • Instagram

    This product has connected many Millennials and Gen Z individuals by sharing moments in their lives with each other.
  • Chromebooks

    Chromebooks gave access to cheaper laptops and gave people the basic needs for a laptop and an internet connection.
  • Oculus VR

    Oculus VR
    This virtual reality headset allowed individuals to experience video gaming through their own motion and to be more immersive.
  • Amazon Echo and Alexa

    Amazon Echo and Alexa
    This product gave families and individuals an assistant to help them with whatever tasks they may have required. This could have been with song suggestions, cooking instructions, questions, etc.
  • Microsoft Hololens

    Microsoft Hololens
    Created a new augmented computing form factor that opened up a host of new possibilities such as everything from industrial design to assisted surgery, but its applications are endless and continues to evolve.