By marqwan
  • Travel from European Country to Africa

    trading goods in exchange for provisions people
  • Period: to


  • Initial Capture

    African-on-African violence, prompted by European demand for forced labor, coercion
  • Holding prisons

    Accumilation of captives, uses by holding African, Afro-European supervisors
  • Loading

    Small groups[2-8 persons per day] loaded on ships which travel down the African coast to accumalate prisoners, provisions, trade items
  • Atlantic Passage

    Survival and Resistance
  • Initial Landing and Enslavement

    "Breaking" process; Resistance [exchanging country marks, including military tactics
  • Relocation to other West Atlantic site

    Orientation to labor or redistribution to other colonies [by European country and colony]
  • Total Number of Stages Involving Africans: 6

    Effect of stages On Africans: Transfer from person in various home social contexts to property["blacks"] in European Commerce Context [Physical, Physchological enslavement]