Time Line-What Led to Annexation of Korea by Japan?

By ssd0904
  • Period: to

    Japanese Annexation of Korea

  • Meiji Restoration

    Meiji Restoration
    -1853, American ships demand trading rights-Britain France Russia all trade with Japan after-1867, Daimyo+Samurai overthrows Shogun, restores Emperor Effect
    -Young ruler called “Meiji” gets the most power instead of the Shogun-Modernized Japan-Armed and modernized Japan enough to conquer Korea later-Allowed extraterritoriality of Europeans/Americans Significance: Led to powerful Japan. Japanese were able to win against Qing Chinese and Russians only due to the modernization.
  • Treaty of Kanghwa

    Treaty of Kanghwa
    -Japan thought of control of Korea since it was politically unstable and because they didn’t want other powers to take over(Europeans)-Sends Unyo(ship) to chekc out Korea, gets attacked. Effect:
    -Ended Chosun’s tributary system with Qing-Opened ports to Japanese trade(Busan Inchon Wusan)-Extraterritorially by Japanese-Korea accepts its loss, basically gives up Significance:
  • The First Sino-Japanese War

    The First Sino-Japanese War
    -Control of Korea between Qing China/Meiji Japan-China had allowed Japan to acknowledge Korea as an independent state, but they tried to get it back now.-Tonghak Rebellion Effects
    -Treaty of Shimonosaki-Korea becomes Japanese protectorate-Liaodong+Pescadores to Japan-200 million taels to Japan, 4 trading ports open to Japan-Indirectly led to Kuomintang Significance
    This war basically symbolizes pre-annexation. This war granted Japanese to acknowledge Korea as its protectorate. More
  • Death of Queen Min

    Death of Queen Min
    Japanese was mad due to Korea's attempt to rely on Japan, and Queen Min was the leader of this. Murder:"Operation Fox Hunt" Effect
    -Confusion due to loss of absolute monarch who had dominance in court-Provoked world wide fear of Japan Significance
    This event got rid of one of the most powerful enemies of Japan. Since Queen Min was a smart leader who tried to create rivalries between two imperialstic powers, Japan and Russia, Japanese murder of Queen Min prevented immediate war. More..
  • Kabo Reforms

    Kabo Reforms
    -Response to Tonghak Rebellion-Under pressure of Japan/Russia to reform/modernize/open(pro-Japanese officials)
    1. Korea is a soverign country (completely independent from China - made it easier for Japan to try to take it over).2. King controls the gov.3. Only ones with talent are to study4. Army=conscription(no background)5. Meritocracy6. Leather working, acting, and so on are no longer to be regarded as degrading work.Slavery is to be abolished, as well as the sinbun class