Tidal and Ocean wave energy timeline

By bek26
  • The first tidal barrage

    the worlds first and to this date, only large scale tidal barrage satrted to be built over the Rance river in France
  • The first tidal barrage

    the worlds largest barrage was finshed being built
  • Second Tidal Barrage

    second commerical-scale tidal barrage was started at Annapollis royal, nova scotia Canda
  • Second Tidal Barrage Fiinshed

    The Barrage in Canda was completed
  • Underwater Turbine

    Seaflow, the world's first underwater turbine prototype, goes on stream off north Devon with a peak capacity of 300 KW
  • Generator

    SeaGen, the world’s first commercial scale tidal stream energy generator, goes on stream in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland with a peak capacity of 1.2 MW.
  • Wave Farm

    Theworld's first commercial wave farm goes on line in Portugal. It uses Pelamis devices and has a peak capacity of 2.25 MW