Thurston County Sustainable Development Plan

  • Sustainable Communities Planning Grant Awarded

    Oct. 29 Minutes The Sustainable Communities Planning Grant Program was authorized by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2010 (Pub. L. 111-117). In October 2010, Thurston County received $1.5 million from HUD to develop a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development.
  • Panel Meetings Begin

  • Memorandum of Understanding

    TRPC Exec Director issued a memo requesting that the Chairiman be authorized to sign the RPSD MOU. The MOU serves as the consortium agreement required by HUD.
  • First Task Force Meeting

    Meeting Minutes The Sustainable Thurston Task Force was convened as an advisory body to the Thurston Regional Planning Council. The Task Force was charged with drafting three documents: the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD), the Regional Housing Plan, and the Regional Economic Strategy.
  • Period: to

    Phase I of STTF Planning Process

    Sustainable Thurston Timeline Phase I: Initial VIsioning and Stakeholder Engagement
    - Panel, Mark Studies, and Survey Work
    - Public Outreach Phase I
    - Establish Vision and Goals
  • Public Workshops Begin

  • Task Force Mission and Goals Statement

    Mission Statement The Sustainable Thurston Task Force (STTF) finalized the first draft statement of their mission, goals, and values.
  • Beginning of Phase II

    The next phase of the planning process involved developing strategies based on place and topic area.
  • Period: to

    Phase II of STTF Planning Process

    Phase II: Develop Growth Scenarios
    - Scenario Planning and Strategies to Achieve Goals
    - Public Outreach Phase II
  • "Creating Places, Preserving Spaces"

    STTF began series of panel discussions in developing strategies for "place making" and for specific topic areas in sustainability.
  • Public Outreach Phase II

    STTF facilitated a series of public workshops and surveys regarding strategies for achieving Sustainable Thurston's goals and vision.
  • Revised Mission and Goals Statement

    Revised Statement STTF revised its Mission and Goals statement following consideration of public comments.
  • Draft Preferred Land Use Scenario

  • Beginning of Phase III

    Phase III involved drafting up the RPSD, incorporating revised goals and strategies as well as preliminary action steps.
  • Period: to

    Phase III of STTF Planning Process

    Phase III: Develop a Preferred Growth Vision and Regional Plans
    - Develop Preferred Growth Vision and Regional Plans with Performance Measures
    - Public Outreach Phase III
  • Public Outreach Phase III

  • First Draft of RPSD

  • Draft Action Tables

    Draft Action Tables STTF created the first action table draft, which summarized goals, actions, lead, timeline, and partners for action.
  • Discussion and Decisions Regarding Edits to the Draft

    At this meeting, STTF discussed, reviewed, and approved recommended edits to the Draft Plan following additional public comments.
  • Review the Final Draft Sustainable Thurston Plan

  • Plan to be presented before TRPC