Three Mile Island James

  • The Start

    TMI-1 and began commercial operations on September 2, 1974.
  • TMI-2 In bussiness

    TMI-2 began commercial operation on December 30, 1978.
  • Partial Nuclear Melt-down

    Due to equipment failure there was a partial melt-down in TMI-2.
  • Refuel

    TMI-1 has been shutdown for refueling.
  • It's Okay guys, really.

    Even though the Nuclear core was NOT stable the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Spokesman told the public, "Danger was over"
  • The Bubble

    As radioactive gasses keep acumulating in the reactor radioactive material began to leak out.
  • Rumors

    A rumor that TMI-2 could explode from a radioaactive bubble was quickly exstenguished in city council.
  • Safe?

    5 days after the nuclear melt-down Pres. Jimmy Carter visited TMI-2 to try tto reassure people it was safe.
  • Shrunken

    Denton has announced that the hydrogen bubble has shrunken dramatically.

    On APril 6, 1979 operators finally regained control of TMI-2.