Three is a lucky number timeline

  • First Nobel peace prize

    First Nobel peace prize
    Alfred Nobel received for first time in the world a Noble peace prize, Alfred gave a big part of his fortune to the creation of this prices that each year are given to outstanding people that have contributed to society.
  • Ronald Frederick Torbay was preparing his third murder

    It was 5 o'clock and Ronald was making preparations for his third murder, he was well aware of the danger of killing someone, he started realizing how he lived form his other wives he killed.
  • Edyth was almost done ironing

    Edyth was finishing with the iron to then go upstairs to take her bubblebath, but before that he went outside to a small square yard, Ronald didn't like this because he wanted her to be over-friendly with someone.
  • Ronald remembered the experience with his previous wives

    Ronald wanted shy women, so he can persuaded them easily to first marry him, and then will him their possessions between the three women Edyth was being the most annoying because of several thing for example he didn't like her to go out and relate with others, the case of Dorothy was a bit different because she wasn't a problem for him but since she died her brother started bothering him.
  • Ronald remembered how he met Edyth

    They first met in a seaside dining room, in which he saw her sitting with a shy attitude, then he talked to her and she was interested, Ronalds plan was progressing, until he married her.
  • First international women's day commemoration

    First international women's day commemoration
  • Constantinople treaty

    Constantinople treaty
    Between the Ottoman empire and the Bulgarian Kingdom the Constantinople agreement was signed, in which the Balkan war was ended
  • Edyth came back from the outside to take her bath

    Edyth was cleaning the yard before taking her bath, by this time Ronald was thinking about his plan, then he yelled her he prepared her bath to the invite her out.
  • Italia declares war to Austria-Hungary, in WWI

    Italia declares war to Austria-Hungary, in WWI
    Italia joins the allies from World War I, by declaring war to Austria-Hungary.
  • Edyth was taking her bath

    When Edyth entered the house she went upstairs take off her clothes and went to the bathroom first she throwed the salts and crystals and then she entered the bath, Ronald was trying to keep her attention until he flipped the switch.
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    This battle was the longest in WWI, in which the French forces defeated the Germans offensive, this battle turned into the most bloody battle in WWI.
  • Ronald thought he already killed Edyth but he didnt

    Once he flipped the switch he asked several times if she was there, until he went to check the place were all important Edyth´s documents and papers were.
  • Ronald realized he failed

    Ronald went to the wardrobe to check Edyth´s writing leather case, he started checking papers, until he find a letter addressed to himself, he started reading and from the start his thoughts started changing abruptly when he ended re realized he was in a big trouble.
  • The Spanish Flu

    The Spanish Flu
    A mortal virus, named the Spanish Flu, affected 50% of the worlds population, the number of death people was even bigger than WWI.
  • Ronald was in trouble

    Ronald finished reading, and with a whole silence in the house he suddenly heard the door, he was done.
  • League of Nations first meeting

    League of Nations first meeting
    In Geneva the league fo nations first assembly was celebrated, also the League of Nations is the first international organization in the world and their duty was to maintain peace around the planet.