Three Dark Crowns: Queen Timeline

  • 1 BCE

    The Legion Queen

    The First Queen of Fennbirn. She is the only known Legion Queen to have existed.
    • Her name has been lost to history.
  • Period: 1 BCE to 494


    Their names have been lost to time.
  • 494


    An oracle queen known as the Pious. Her reign lasted over twenty three years.
    • She is the earliest known queen to have ruled over Fennbirn. While others predate her, their names have been lost to history.
    • She was possibly the first (known) oracle queen.
    • She was a strong queen.
  • Period: 494 to 988


  • Period: 494 to 1424


    A strong oracle queen and likely the second in recorded Fennbirn history.
    • Her reign lasted longer than Elsabet's.
    • When she ruled is unknown.
  • 988


    The first Blue Queen of Fennbirn.
    • Her gift is unknown.
    • She was raised by the High Priestess of the time in Indrid Down.
    • The fourth-born daughter of her generation, she was deemed so blessed by the Goddess that her sisters were culled and she immediately became the Queen Crowned.
    • She ruled over 1000 years before Katharine.
  • Period: 988 to 1424


    There were about 17 generations of queens between Aethiel and Caedan.
  • 1424


    The war queen of her generation. The length of her reign is unknown.
    • Aethiel ruled directly before Elo.
    • She began construction of the Volroy.
  • 1440


    Elo was an elemental queen with an affinity for fire. She was known as Fire-Breather.
    • She ruled directly before Emmeline.
    • Elo burned a fleet of Selkan ships in Bardon Harbor, putting an end to the foreign invasion.
    • Construction of the Volroy continued.
  • Dec 21, 1472

    Emmeline gives birth to the next set of triplets

    Ruling directly before Elsabet, Emmeline was a war queen.
    • Construction of the Volroy continued under her rule.
  • Period: Apr 21, 1488 to Dec 21, 1511

    Elsabet reigns

    Elsabet was the last oracle queen of Fennbirn. After her reign, whenever an oracle queen was born, they would be drowned. She ruled 500 years before Katharine.
    • She was known as the Mad Queen after three families were killed under her rule.
    • After the massacre, she was locked in a tower for the remainder of her reign (twenty years).
    • Three years after becoming Queen Crowned, her gift waned due to her being unknowingly poisoned by Francesca Arron.
    • Construction of the Volroy was completed.
  • Period: Apr 21, 1527 to Dec 21, 1553

    Theodora reigns

    Theodora was the Naturalist Queen Crowned of her generation. She ruled for twenty six years.
    • Her familiar was a horse who trampled her sisters to death.
  • Apr 21, 1569

    Veronica is crowned

    The First or Third Poisoner Queen of Fennbirn. Her reign lasted twenty-five years.
  • Philomene is crowned

    Philomene was the last known war queen of Fennbirn. Her reign lasted eight years.
    • Her king-consort was Louis.
    • She gave birth to a rare Blue Queen, Illiann.
  • Illiann

    The latest and last Blue Queen in Fennbirn's history, elemental Illiann ruled 400 years and 10 generations before Katharine. She was deemed blessed to rule; her sisters, Roxanne (elemental), Leonine (naturalist), and Isadora (oracle) were culled. Her reign lasted forty-six years.
    • She was raised by the temple.
    • Illiann died creating the magical mist to protect Fennbirn from Mainlanders, becoming the mist.
    • Roxanne, or Daphne, who was assumed dead, replaced her and took on her identity.
  • "Illiann"/Daphne has the next set of triplets.

    Illiann's reign ends at 62 years old.
  • Period: to


    About fifteen more queens rule between Illiann's and Bernadine's reigns.
  • Bernadine

    The Great Naturalist Queen of Fennbirn as well as the last. She was extremely powerful with an enormous gray wolf as her familiar.
    • The city of Wolf Spring was named after her wolf. Previously it had been named Sealhead (for 400 years before her reign).
    • Bernadine's Landing was named after her. It was where Elizabeth grew up.
    • According to a naturalist tapestry, Bernadine's wolf ripped out her sisters' throats.
    • She had an affinity for growing fruits on trees as she passed.
  • Felicite

    The last elemental queen of Fennbirn. The length of her reign is unknown.
    • Her Ascension ended in the Volroy tower. The last, and second or third ever, to happen in history.
  • Sylvia is crowned

    The Fourth Poisoner Queen of Fennbirn and the first in nearly a dynasty of poisoner queens. The length of her reign is unknown but it is implied to have been longer than Nicola's and Camille's.
    • Of the poisoner dynasty, Sylvia is implied to have had the strongest gift.
    • Unlike her successors, the contents of her Ascension Year are unknown.
  • Nicola is crowned

    Nicola was the Fifth Poisoner Queen of Fennbirn and the second in a lineage of poisoner queens. The length of her reign is unknown.
    • Her reign is unknown but it is implied to have been longer than Camille's and shorter than Nicola's mother, Sylvia's. The declining length of reigns and weakening gifts were taken as signs that the royal lineage was losing strength.
    • In Indrid Down, it was rumored that "Nicola could be sickened with mushrooms." (Kendare Blake, “Three Dark Crowns”)
  • Camille is crowned

    The Sixth Poisoner Queen of Fennbirn and the third in a lineage of poisoner queens; married to Philippe. Her reign lasted seven years.
    • Due to her short reign, it was rumored that she was weak and the Goddess deemed her unfit to rule.
    • It was rumored that "Camille could not withstand snake venom... that Camille’s prowess with toxins was so lacking that Natalia had murdered her sisters for her.” (Kendare Blake, “Three Dark Crowns")
  • Mirabella, Arsinoe, and Katharine are born

    1. Mirabella, an elementalist with an affinity for fire and lightning. The strongest queen seen in generations and perceived Queen Crowned.
    2. Arsinoe, a poisoner with a "weak gift," according to Camille.
    3. Katharine, a naturalist "with a gift that will never fully quicken."
    Arsinoe and Katharine were switched at birth by Camille in an effort to thwart the Arrons for abusing her throughout her childhood and end the poisoner dynasty by guaranteeing Mirabella would win.
  • The Queens' 16th Birthday

    Mirabella, Arsinoe, and Katharine turn sixteen.
    • Katharine celebrates her Gave Noir as is tradition for poisoner queens.
  • Beltane Festival

    Beltane is a yearly festival which marks the start of the Ascension Year. The following year's festival is when a queen is crowned.
    • Children conceived during the festival of Beltane are called a Beltane Begot. It is also when the queens are conceived. It is considered very lucky, and they are all supposed to be charmed.
    • Delegations are not allowed to arrive on the island until the Beltane Festival. Suitors are not allowed to talk to the queens until after the Quickening is over.
  • The Quickening

    The Quickening is the ceremonial demonstration of the queens' gifts. Occurring on the third night of the Beltane festival, each of the queens puts on a performance to display the strength of her gift to the islanders and the suitors.
    • The temple determines the order of the performances since they oversee all of the high festivals.
    • It is implied that poisoner queens usually perform a Gave Noir at the Quickening, while elemental queens usually put on a display of controlling the elements.
  • Period: to

    The Ascension Year

    The Ascension Year marks the start of the triplets' fight to the death to become Queen Crowned.
    • The Ascension lasts for a full year, or for as long as it takes for one triplet to kill her two sisters.
    • Should the Ascension Year end with two sisters still alive, they are locked in a tower in the Volroy until one kills the other.
    The Ascension Year officially ends at the next Beltane Festival when the remaining queen is officially crowned.