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Thomas Samuel Kuhn (1922–1996)

  • Early Life Of Thomas Kuhn

    Early Life Of Thomas Kuhn
    The beginning of Thomas Kuhn’s scientific career started off with physics, history of science, which then led him into the world of Philosophy of Science. In 1943 Thomas Kuhn had graduated from Harvard.
  • The Copernican Revolution.

    The Copernican Revolution.
    1957,The Copernican Revolution: Planetary Astronomy in the Development of Western Thought, Cambridge Mass: Harvard University Press. Thomas Kuhn published his first book titled,The Copernican Revolution. The Copernican revolution was not only a description of revolution in astronomy but also entailed a revolution in science and philosophy and Kuhn relates how an astronomer's solution to an apparently technical problem fundamentally altered men's attitude to the basic problem's of everyday life.
  • The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
    1962/1970a, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Chicago: University of Chicago Press (1970, 2nd edition, with postscript). In this book Thomas Kuhn explains the different stages in the history of scientific thought that are characterized by different scientific paradigms, or worldviews, each consisting of theories, classic experiments, and trusted methodologies. (Thomas Kuhn).
  • Incommensurability

    In the article it states “The idea of incommensurability is that the existence of changes in perception, world, standards of evaluation or in the meanings of key theoretical terms undermines traditional, Old Rationalist conceptions of progress as the accumulation of knowledge.”
  • Death of Thomas Kuhn

    Death of Thomas Kuhn
    On June 17th, 1996 Thomas S. Kuhn passed away in Cambridge, MA. The below link is a video of Kuhn’s greatest quotes.