Thomas edison

Thomas Edison

  • Thomas Edison birth

    This is the day that Thomas Edison was born.
  • Moved to Michigan

    Thomas Edison moved to Port Huton, Michigan.
  • Chemical Labratory

    Thomas Edison created a chemical labratory on this day.
  • Got a position as a telegraph operator

    Was a telegraph operator Grand Truck Railway in Canada.
  • Period: to

    Spent five years as a telepraph operator

    Thomas Edison was a telepraph operator for five years and he always was doing expirements while working as a telegraph operator.
  • First invention

    Thomas Edison created the Electrical Vote Recorder as his first invention.
  • Moved to New York, jobless but found a job at a local telegraph company

    Landed in New York City by way of a Boston steamship, poor, penniless, and in debt. While seeking work, chanced being in the operating room of the Gold & Stock Telegraph Company when their ticker apparatus broke down. No one but he was able to fix it, As a result, he was given a job as superintendent at the remarkable wage of $300 per month.
  • Electric engineer

    Got a job as an electric engineer with Franklin Pope. While working there, stock tickers radically improved.
    He also had some of his inventions patented with the Universal Stock Ticker
  • First cash payment for one of his inventions

    Thomas Edison recieved $40,000 for his inventions from company's that he patented.
  • Edison Electric Light Company

    Thomas Edison formed the Edison Electric Light Company in New York City with financiers such as J.P Morgan and Vanderbilt family members.
  • First succesful electric light bulb test

    On this day, Thomas Edison had the success of the first light bulb which lasted 40 hours.
  • Another patent.....

    Thomas Edison on this day patented an electricity distribution which eventually converted to the electric lamp.
  • Edison Illuminating Company

    Thomas Edison founded the Edison Illuminating Company. This company established the first electric utility in 1882 in New York.
  • Death

    Thomas Edison died of complications of diabetes on October 18, 1931 in his home.
  • Still working at a very old age

    Thomas Edison was very active in his business even when he was on his way to death.