"Thirteen Reasons Why" By Jay Asher

  • Clay Finds the Tapes

    Clay Finds the Tapes
    Clay Jensen finds the box of tapes on the front steps when he comes home from school.
  • Clay Listens

    Clay Listens
    Clay Jensen listens to the tapes and finds out that the tapes are from Hannah Baker.
  • Clay Steals Walkman

    Clay Steals Walkman
    Clay walks by his friend Tony's house and he see's him working on his car, Tony asks him to start the car for him, while Clay was in the car he see's the walkman sitting in the backseat. He takes the walkman because he knows that he needs something else to listen to the tapes with.
  • Hannah's House

    Hannah's House
    Clay walks by Hannah's house when she tells the people listening to the tapes that its the first place they should go.
  • Candy Store

    Candy Store
    On the tape Hannah talks about the party store she used to go to every day after school and how she would buy a candy bar.
  • City Bus

    City Bus
    After vistiting the party store and buying a chocolate bar, Clay got on a bus and just rode and listened to the tape.
  • Clay See's Skye

    When Clay gets on the bus he is tapped on the shoulder and realizes a girl from school named Skye is sitting behind him and is wondering what he is listening to.
  • Clay Gets Off the Bus

    Clay Gets Off the Bus
    After sitting on the bus for awhile Clay starts to realize how long he has been on the bus so he gets off at the next stop.
  • Café

    When Clay gets off the bus he goes to a local café.