Blood in snow

The Winter of the Red Snow

By yay41
  • Baby Boy

    In the begining of the book, a baby named John (or Johnny) was born.
  • Drums

    Abagail heard a drum beating and looked out the window.
  • George Washington

    He came to Valley Forge.
  • Town

    Abagil and Lucy went to town and Lucy cut her hair for nine shillings.
  • Coat

    Elisabeth finished her coat and gave it to a solder.
  • Birthday

    Today is George Washington birthday. He's 46 years old.
  • Ice

    Five out of eight of the mean Fitzgeralds boys fell into the ice and died.
  • Green

    Today was Saint Patrick's day!
  • Lucy

    Lucy ran away because her parents diccover that she cut her hair so, they shaved her head and go around without a cap.
  • Letter

    Lucy wrote a letter to Abagail about her runaway.
  • Feu De Joie

    The soldiers are all trained and they are happy as they shoot the cannons of joy.
  • Baby Girl

    Helen is staying at the Stewart's and her baby is born.(Her name is Olivia)
  • Soldier

    The same soldier (His name is Ben Valentine) that Elisabeth gave the coat to, came to her house.
  • Family

    Mr.Fitzgerald got out of the British jail and unite with his family.
  • Coins

    Lady Washington gave them 40 shilling for doing laundry before she left Vally Forge.
  • Happyness

    They had a barbque and the children played on the May poles that the soldiers left. Colonel DeWees made a speech and every one was happy at the Foruth of July. THE END.