The Wedding

  • During Slavery: Colonel Lance Shelby--Old Sir, Ebony Woman

    During Slavery
    Colonel is father to Gram
    Old Sir is a slave owner, Ebony woman is his slave
  • Period: to

    The Wedding

  • Antebellum

    Gram-Caroline Shelby
    Melisse, Gram's former slave
    Butternut Woman marries Issac
  • Isaac/School Teacher--Hannibal/Josephine

    1st generation-Up from slavery
    Isaac a doctor marries School Teacher
    Hanibal-Melisse's son marries Josephine, Gram's daughter
  • Clark Coles marries Corinne

    Clark, son of Isaac and School Teacher
    Corrine, daughter of Hannibal and Josephine

    Rachel mistress
  • Liz/Lincoln-Meade/Shelby-Lute/3 Wives

    1950's in The Wedding
    Liz, Shelby-daughters of Clark and Corrine
  • Court Proceedings

    Sweatt v. Painter
    McLaurin v. Oklahoma
    Henderson v. United States
  • Publishing

    Pittsburg Courier is largest AA newspaper.
    Ebony is largest AA magazine.
  • Eisenhower wins presidential election.

  • 1st argument of Brown v. BOE, Topeka

  • Sppreme Court orders reargument of Brown v. BOE

  • Brown is reargued

  • Brown v. BOE, Topeka

    Chief Justice Warren declares "separate is not equal".
  • Armed Forces

    Department of Defense announces desegregation of Armed Forces
  • Education

    Supreme Court instructs all lower Federal Courts to desegregate schools with "all deliberate speed".
  • Emmett Till

    14 year old Chicago boy, murdered in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi for allegedly whistling at a white woman.
  • Rosa Parks

    Arrested in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Start of bus boycott, Martin Luther King named President and Leader
  • Mass protests and riots

    Unrest in Virginia, Alabama, and Clinton, Tennessee. National Guards dispatche to Tenessee.
  • End of Boycott

    Montgomery Bus Boycott ends marking the end of segregated buses.

    Organization of SNLC later named SCLC, King is 1st Chairman.
  • Harlem

    Malcolm leads a protest in Harlem after Muslims are beaten by White police officers.
  • Voter's Rights Act

    African Americans can no longer be denied the right to vote.
  • Central High School

    Little Rock 9 integrates Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Loving v. Virginia

    Milded (Jeter) Loving, black, and Richard Perry Loving, white, married in Virginia and were classified as felons for breaking the miscegenation laws. Their marriage became the grondbreaking case behind the Supreme Court ruling of Loving v. Virginia in 1967.