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The Wave's of Education Technology

By mrc1331
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to

    Toffler's First Wave - Agriculture

    The First Wave The development of tools, farming, and a focus on survival led to the Agricultural Age. It is marked by the family being the center, all working together toward self sustaining survival. This wave of the future led to social cultures, wealth, food production to feed more people, and a division of labor.
  • Strand 2- Technology

    Strand 2- Technology
    Key advances and inovations for each decade
  • Strand 4 - Education

    Strand 4 - Education
    Imporant theories of learning and instruction by decade
  • Strand 6 - Scientific Discoveries and Achievements

    Strand 6 - Scientific Discoveries and Achievements
    The impact of science on the waves by decade
  • Strand 3 - Work

    Strand 3 - Work
    Business and coporate philosophies by decade
  • Strand 5 - Society and culture

    Strand 5 - Society and culture
    Events that determined the thinking of each decade
  • Period: to

    Toffler's Second Wave - Industrial Age

    The Second Wave The industrial age was started with the development of the engine. With the ability to travel farther and faster the growth of industry was swift. The need to educate the masses to produce product created the need for new technologies. The machine of the industrial age merged with the upcoming machine of education.
  • Association of American Universities

    Association of American Universities
    a href='http://www.aau.edu/' >AAU</a>
    Organized to build and strengthen doctoral programs it was the first of its kind to be founded in
  • Joliet Community College

    Joliet Community College
    Jolliet Community College
    The first public community college started with six studnets. It now serves over 35,000 students. It offered postgraduate high school eductation free to community members. Over the next decade's it expanded and improved due to advances in technology and social change. It was a contributor to training soldiers returning from war and preparing them to re-enter society.
  • MLB formed

    MLB formed
    History timeline
    Major League Baseball has played a key role in education. Players today have good educations and often strive to show that to the public. The MLB has contributed in a large part in the climate of our country and created a sportsmanship and business skills in sports.
  • Neon lights

    Neon lights
    George Claude
    Neon was discovered to glow in the presence of electricity. Later signs would be used for advertising and create a major impact on economics and business.
  • Mary McLeod Bethune

    Mary McLeod Bethune
    One of the first African American schools started with five students. It soon grew to over 400 and merged to be coed with many more students.
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein Bio
    The theory of relativity and e=mc2 is one of the most significant scientific discoveries of the century. It led the way for physicists to explore and research in their field.
  • First Radio Program

    First Radio Program
    Brant Rock - Fessenden
    Broadcast from Brant Rock, the first radio program consisted of two songs, a poem, and a breif talk by Reginald Fessenden.
  • The first airplane sold by the Wright Brothers

    The first airplane sold by the Wright Brothers
    Wright Brothers
    The US government accepted a bid by the Wright Brother's for $25,000 to furnish a flying machine. The first passenger was carried on an airplane shortly thereafter. The ability to travle by air and sell to passengers, and the military, was born.
  • Minimum wages and benefits

    Minimum wages and benefits
    Edward Filene
    The minimum wage, a five day week, and fourty hours per week were implented by Filene to benefit his employees. He worked tirelessly to make sure his employees were well compensated and had safe working conditions.

    NAACP History
    CIvil rights played a key role over the last century in society and education.
  • First Female Superintendant

    First Female Superintendant
    History of education
    Females were gaining in confidence and soon able to be elected to positions of power in eduction.
  • Montessori

    History of Montessori
    The Montessori school was widely popular for it's success in teaching all learners regardless of any learning disability.
  • WWI

    History of WWI
    WWI started the need for factory work and machine parts in the war effort.The war gave us a factory mind set in education and turned out students ready to enter the factory work force of the war.
  • Robert Milikan

    Robert Milikan
    Robert Milikan
    The charge on the electron was first measured in 1911. The early studies of the electron contributed to nuclear science and many other areas of study.
  • CTR (IBM) founded

    CTR (IBM) founded
    IBM Archives
    Later renamed to IBM the CTR was founded and sold time equipment. It would later become one of the largest corporations in the country and lead the way for technology creation and sales.
  • Ford Motor Company Assembly Line

    Ford Motor Company Assembly Line
    Ford Installs Moving Assembly Line
    The moving assembly line was a key component in the industrial age and the creation of the machine mentality that influenced our education system.
  • Edison Records Music on Disc

    Edison Records Music on Disc
    History of Record Labels
    Recorded music and speeches were able to be sold for the first time on a disc format. The disc is a major contributor in education by the availablity for the recordings to be played to audiences all over the country. The availability to record also led to teh growth of the music industry.
  • Thorndike

    Thorndike ENotes
    Positive reinforcement was coinded by Thorndike and incorporated into educational theory.
  • 8 hour work day

    8 hour work day
    Adamson Act
    The Adamson Act provided an eight hour work day with pay for overtime. It was the first law to regulate the hours worked by employees in a private company.
  • John Dewey

    John Dewey
    John Dewey Dewey gave us the dewey decimal system and contributed to the scientific method of instruction. His contributions to education are still present in todays classrooms.
  • Harlow Shapley

    Harlow Shapley
    Measuring our galaxy
    The sun was determined to be in the milky way galaxy and the size of the galaxy was estimated. Space science played a pivotal role in our education and the race to space spurred our country to higher achievements.
  • Prohibition

    Prohibition takes effect
    Prohibition made the roaring 20's possible. The behavior of society become secretive and wild with parties, gangs, and gambling.
  • Women's Sufferage

    Women's Sufferage
    19th Amendment
    Women were given a voice in government and the ability to vote.
  • Roaring Twenties

    Roaring Twenties
    The Roaring Twenties
    The nation was wealthy and the party and social entertainment of the decade reflected that.
  • KDKA Broadcasts

    KDKA Broadcasts
    First Commercial Radio Broadcast
    The Harding-Cox election was broadcast on the first commercial radio station. Within four years there were 600 broadcasting radio stations.
  • Retail Giant

    Retail Giant
    The Herald Square location opened as the largest retail store in the world. The first Thanksgiving Day parade was viewed by 10,000 people. The retail giant idea was born.
  • Disney founded

    Disney founded
    Walt Disney
    Walt Disney founded Disney which become an industry leader in entertainment and films. The first theme park opened in 1955 and the company is till a leader in the industry.
  • Chrysler Corporation

    Chrysler Corporation
    A short history of Chrysler
    Chrysler is one of the largest automobile corporations in existence. The company has huge success and failure in business. Tax payer dollars were used in the most recent crisis to bail the company out. It has recently been restructued and has been in recovery.
  • Evolution in Schools

    Evolution in Schools
    [John Scopes Trial](hhttp://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/library/08/2/l_082_01.htmlttp://)
    John Scopes was the first of its kind to start the debate on the seperation of church and state in the education system.
  • 1st SAT

    1st SAT
    Where the test came from
    The first SAT was administered and the birth of standardized apptitude/placement testing was born.
  • Wave Mechanics

    Wave Mechanics
    Schrodinger Wave Equation
    The concept of wave mechanics was developed based on Newtons Laws of Motion.
  • The first TV

    The first TV
    Philo Farnsworth
    The first television was demonstrated for investors by transmiting the picture of a dollar sign.
  • Heisenberg Quantum Mechanics

    Heisenberg Quantum Mechanics
    Many positions were available to teach at universities. To get them was a high honor based on scientific achievement. Heisneberg debated his priniciples with others and contributed to education and science in the early part of the century.
  • Piaget

    Psycholgoy History
    Piaget contributed to education with the developement stages of children and how they learn at four stages as they grow to adulthood.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    History of The Great Depression
    The stock market crashes and the entire country is changed over night. Many are starving, unemployed, and can no longer support the lives they led.
  • The Human Mind

    The Human Mind
    At the Menninger Clinic
    A first of its kind, The Human Mind, showed what it was like in a pyschiatrists office. The book helped to lead the way in removing the stigma on people with mental disabilities.
  • First Electron Microscope

    First Electron Microscope
    The Electron Microscope
    One of the finest scientific inovations of the century was created by Ernst Ruscka. The electron microscope allowed scientists to study matter and cells the size of the diameter of an atom.
  • Desegregation

    The Lemon Grove Incident
    One of the first cases of desegregation concerned Mexican citizens and largely went undocumented in the media.
  • The First Lady

    The First Lady
    Eleanor Rosevelt
    Eleanor Rosevelt transformed what it meant to be a first lady. She was dedicated to making women strong and a pivotal part of the presidency.
  • Trade Restrictions

    Trade Restrictions
    Smoot-Hawley Tariff
    After the Great Depression the US Government enacted a law that increased tariff on foreign trade. This trade disaster lead to much controversy and a downturn in the trade markets.
  • Plutonium

    Enrico Fermi
    The creation of plutonium contributed to the century with the start of nuclear energy science. The nuclear reactor, nuclear bomb, and the Cold War were directly related to the work of Fermi.
  • Birth of Plastics

    Birth of Plastics
    History of Polyurethane
    Plastic played a key role in the growth of economics and consumerism in our country. It allowed the packaging of food and other items.
  • Child Labor

    Child Labor
    History of Child Labor
    For the first time a minimum age requirment was set for when children were able to work. The government regulated the age of child labor for the whole country.
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    History of Computers
    The first digital computer was created to carry out linear calculations.
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligenst Scale

    Wechsler Adult Intelligenst Scale
    Wechsler Intelligence Scales
    The scale test was to determine intellectual performance ability in adults. It would lead to IQ and placement testing in many different versions of tests.
  • Investment Company Act 1940

    Investment Company Act 1940
    [Investment Company Act](javascript:_em.setCkVt('0b2c52e249664cc3c27f4d8fe8114f8edb5d0f8c46-975243344f8edb5d'); _em.setCkV('4962193b34292902ab8e6472194c4f8edb5d0f8cd5-464893364f8edb5d'); _em.hlCallback(2); _em.setCkHl(1); _em.hideStage();)
    It was enacted to put a checks and balances system on fund companies that offer investment products to the public. It was regulated by The SEC.
  • Consolidating School Districts

    Consolidating School Districts
    Living History
    After WWII populations were centered around cities and the rural populations dropped drastically. The education system was faced with many school's that did not have enough students to keep the doors open. School districts were created and the one room school died.
  • Aerosol Sprays

    Aerosol Sprays
    Aerosol History
    The aerosol spray was developed to give soldiers a break from mosquitos. The sprays ended up damaging the ozone over the next few decades and certain types were outlawed.
  • GI Bill

    GI Bill
    Living History
    After the war many service veterans needed to be retrained for jobs. Each veteran was entitled to one year of schooling and 48 months of veteran benefits. Loans were guaranteed and education was no longer for the elite.
  • Uhaul

    History of UHAUL
    With the end of the war effort many people were migrating or misplaced from their homes. The UHAUL company stepped in to make the transition to a new home easier. The company led to the ease of mobility for many workers.
  • WWII and Pearl Harbor

    WWII and Pearl Harbor
    The US had drastic social upheaval with WWII. The bombing of Pearl Harbor created a rift with Japanese Americans, who were placed in work camps. The atomic bomb was created and dropped, along with a drastic rise in unemployment with the end of the war.
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    Atom Bomb
    The first three completed bombs were successfully tested at Alamogordo, New Mexico. The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended WWII.
  • ENIAC Computer

    ENIAC Computer
    The Computer Chronicles
    Two Americans built the first vacuum tube computer, a very important step in computer evolution, that could amplify a weak signal into a stronger one.
  • Prayer in School

    Prayer in School
    McCollum vs. Board
    After WWII the shift in schools was visible. The need to make factory workers stopped and the focus moved back to family and religion.
  • First Soviet A Bomb

    First Soviet A Bomb
    Cold War Museum
    The first Soviet A bomb was a shock to the US. It was the start of the nuclear arms race and the Cold War.
  • Period: to

    Toffler's Thrid Wave - Information Age

    The Third Wave The rise of the computer dominated this age. Communication and the sharing of information became almost instantaneous. The need for control and information access was led by the integrators that run the machine that is our economy and education system.
  • B.F. Skinner

    B.F. Skinner
    Operant Conditioning
    Operant conditioning is a response to an event and learning occurs in a cognitive way based on stimuli.
  • DNA Helix

    DNA Helix
    Watson and Crick
    The shape of DNA was discovered and opened many doors for medical and genetic research.
  • First Transistor Radio

    First Transistor Radio
    Regency TR-1 Radio
    Texas Instruments and Regency Electronics shared a joint venture that launched the miniaturized electronics industry and the information age by creating the first handheld transistor radio.
  • Board of Topeka vs. Brown

    Board of Topeka vs. Brown
    Brown vs. Board
    The supreme court ruled segregation unconstitutional.
  • First Nuclear Submarine

    First Nuclear Submarine
    About the Submarine
    The first nuclear submarine made its way to the North Pole. It gave the US an advantage in the Cold War and nuclear race.
  • HnR Block

    HnR Block
    Richard Bloch
    The company was founded and is the largest tax preparation company in the world. The company set out with the goal of helping to plan all aspects of financial dealings that one may need. The became a corporate giant in the industry and developed strong business models for the future.
  • Bloom's

    Bloom's Taxonomy
    Bloom's taxonomy started with six categories ranging from to simple to more complex levels of understanding. We use Bloom's today to design curriculum instruction at various levels of learning.
  • Sputnik

    Sputnik and Nasa History
    This launch ushered in new political, military, technological, and scientific developments by starting the Space Age.
  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
    1957 Civil Rights Act
    The Civil Rights Act spurred the civil rights movement. It was started to give blacks the right to vote. Over the next few decades racial tensions would flare.
  • Little Rock 9

    Little Rock 9
    Federal troops enforced integration of 9 black students into Central High School.
  • Amway

    The Amway Story
    Amway is the largest direct selling company based on network marketing. It has been through many phases of it's existance and some have claimed it was a pyramid scheme. It was founded on the basis of members joining and selling products as individual entities. Many other such companies exist today such as: Mary Kay, Avon, and Park Lane Jewelry.
  • The laser

    The laser
    The first laser
    The laser is used widely today in medicine, technology, and science. It was a great achievement and is used from grocery checkout lines to medical clinics.
  • Moon Landing

    Moon Landing
    The first man on the moon happened with the landing of Apollo. The race to space was of great interest to the public and gave media spotlight to Math and Science education.
  • The birth of the discount retailer

    The birth of the discount retailer
    Walmart History
    Walmart was founded in 1962 with the idea of bringing discount prices to everyone. They created a distribution network and price comparison shopping models for the retail industry.
  • Lev Vygotsky

    Lev Vygotsky
    Pyschology History
    Children develop their own view of the world based on the social interactions they have and their learning may suprass their level of understanding based on conditions of this interaction.
  • State Prayer Outlawed

    State Prayer Outlawed
    New York Regents Prayer
    The supreme court rules the school cannot compose a prayer to be recited. Precidence was once again set against prayer in school.
  • Sam Kirk

    Sam Kirk
    The term learning disability was coined. By giving the challenged a name they were able to organize them and service them in a positive way. This led to wider acceptance of mentally challenged learners.
  • Mary Kay

    Mary Kay
    Funding Universe - Mary Kay Perspective
    During the 1960's women were starting to leave home more often and create careers. Mary Kay was largely influential in creating jobs for women to achieve financial independence.
  • Texas Instruments Handheld Calculator

    Texas Instruments Handheld Calculator
    First Handheld Calculator
    Texas Instruments filed for a patent on the first handheld calculator to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • MLK

    The civil rights movement reached a fever pitch with the death of Martin Luther King.
  • The First Internet

    The First Internet
    The first internet contection, host-to-host, was establised and the internet was born. The internet connection was the foundation for the creation of the world wide web and the communication abilities that we currently have today.
  • Inflation and the Year of the Hangover

    Inflation and the Year of the Hangover
    The year of the hangover
    Low taxes, increased costs incurred due to Viet Nam, and no increase in taxes led to inflation. The country suffered heavy financial losses and had to recover after too much spending.
  • 1st Earth Day

    1st Earth Day
    History of Earth Day
    The first Earth Day led to education about the planet and the environment to grow over the next decades. The public started to watch and notice the condition of the planet.
  • Clean Air Act

    Clean Air Act
    The damage to the ozone from greenhouse gas emissions and aerosol sprays garnered media and government attention. The clean air act was put in place to protect us from polution and inspired environmental education across the nation.
  • Vietnam

    The war sparked civil unrest and critisicm of the government. There were millions killed in the war and many of our service men that came home were damaged physically and emotionally.
  • Rehabilitation Act

    Rehabilitation Act
    The Rehabilitation Act
    The law guaranteed the education for disabled citizens. This was created in the wake of Vietnam and the soldiers that came home needing care and training for new careers with disabilitites.
  • Endangered Species Act

    Endangered Species Act
    Endangered Species
    With more of a focus on the environment we started to protect animals that were dying due to human actions.
  • Education of All Handicap Children

    Education of All Handicap Children
    Public Law 94-142
    Eduation was mandated for all handicap children and services were to be provided to any school recieving federal funds.
  • First Word Processor

    First Word Processor
    Electric Pencil
    The first word processing software devolped for a computer was created and made available in 1976. Sotware piracy soon became an issue when for every 1 copy sold 10 were pirated.
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    Apple II Computer
    One of the most popular computers included a color screen and a spreadsheet program. It was ready to run right out of the box for personal and business use.
  • The Home Depot

    The Home Depot
    New Georgia Encyclopedia
    The largest home improvement store in the country was founded when the home improvement warehoues giant opened its doors. They have agressively expanded based on their business plan and are one of the leaders in Habitat for Humanity contributions.
  • Just Say No

    Just Say No
    Reagan Foundation
    The presence of drugs in school was addressed by Nanycy Reagan in the just say no campaign. It is still present in todays schools with the DARE program and drug awareness education.
  • Reagan's Star Wars

    Reagan's Star Wars
    Star Wars
    Missile defense was paramount after the effects of the Cold War. The president wanted to defend the nation and designed this program to do so. It failed, but eventually was resurected and our country is now protected by National Missile Defense.
  • First Cellular Network in the US for car phones

    First Cellular Network in the US for car phones
    1g network
    The first cellular network was in DC with 150 users. It turned into the first commercial network with the Motorola Car Phone.
  • Cell Stations

    Cell Stations
    The first cell stations were set up by Bell Labs to broadcast cell signals to user areas. They were set up so they overlapped and created wider coverage areas.
  • Dell

    Michael Dell
    Created as the first company to market directly to the consumer Dell had $6 million in sales in 1984. In the last 20 years they have become a giant in the industry and have rivals as large as Walmart.
  • HSN Channel

    HSN Channel
    History of HSN
    The shopping network launched a cable tv channel to reach into the homes of consumers across the country. It created a selling frenzy and helped to spread consumerism.
  • Challenger Explosion

    Challenger Explosion
    Space Shuttle Challenger
    When the shuttle exploded it was carrying the first teacher into space. The inclusion of Christina McAuliffe was a great achievement for teachers. Her death on the shuttle prompted many students and teachers to look for improvements in science and math education.
  • Ozone Hole

    Ozone Hole
    Natural Science
    A hole in the ozone layer was discovered and prompted a world wide effort to stop global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Doppler Radar

    Doppler Radar
    NWS JetStream
    Doppler radar helps to forecast weather and storm systems. They ability to detect motion over radar also had implications in the military. It expanded science education and had business applications in them military and media.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    Net History
    Tim Berners Lee created the World Wide Web. The first trials of the World Wide Web were at the CERN laboratories in Switzerland in December 1990. By 1991 browser and web server software was available, and by 1992 a few preliminary sites existed in places like University of Illinois, where Mark Andreesen became involved. By the end of 1992, there were about 26 sites.
  • Environmental Education Act

    Environmental Education Act
    Public Law 101-619
    Education was mandated on the environment and progams were to be designed to implement programs in public schools.
  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    The Gulf War had consequences that many were unaware of at the time. It was the start of a decade of terrorism and fighting for the US.
  • First Pre Paid Mobile Phones

    First Pre Paid Mobile Phones
    The fast growth of the cellular network was accomplished due to the 2G technology. The coverage expanded, mobile phones were more readily available, and this led to pre paid services. The size of the cell phones also drastically changed and became smaller making them more convienent and accessible.
  • Amazon

    Amazon was one of the first American companies to sell products over the internet. It struggled after the crash of the dot com companies but has since regained its footing as a leader in internet commerce. It established one of the first affliate marketing programs and recieves approximately 40% of its profits from affiliates.
  • Yahoo!

    How Yahoo was founded
    Yahoo was created as a hobby to keep track of internet intrests. It has since expanded into categories and sub categories of internet links and is one of the worlds leading search engines.
  • Brain Research and Constructivism

    Brain Research and Constructivism
    Constructivist Theory
    Brain research in medicine leads to the rise of constructivism in education design.
  • Google

    Company History
    Google was started as a way to organize information on the internet. Two MIT student's created the search engine that originated as a research project.
  • Mars Landing

    Mars Landing
    With the first mars landing a search for other habital planets became a focus for science. Many planets have been discovered and explored in our race for space.
  • Period: to

    4th Wave - Age of Creation

    The Fourth Wave The next age will be an age of creation. With the end of the Second and Third Waves we are left with a host of problems that will need solutions. The Fourth Wave will be one of creation and the generation of knowledge to handle the crisis that arise from these wave transitions. Laureate Education 2010
  • International Space Station

    International Space Station
    An international effort in space was started with the launch of two parts of the international space station.
  • Columbine

    10 years later
    One gunman entered a school and killed 13 students. The shocking part was the shooter was a fellow student. Bullying and depression is not a hidden problem and is addressed every day in schools nationwide.
  • Cloning

    Biotechnology and cloning became a source of debate and amazement with the first cloned endangered species. A sheep was successfully cloned and named Dolly.
  • Ipod Invented

    Ipod Invented
    Ipod Invention
    Apple created the fist ipod that allowed portable digital music.
  • $145 billion economic stimulus by Bush

    $145 billion economic stimulus by Bush
    Bush calls for stimulus package
    With the decline in the stock markets President Bush called for a financial package to keep the economy afloat. The money would be spent to help out businesses and the unemployed.
  • 9/11

    National Memorial
    The war on terror started with an attack on US soil. Thousands died and many more were injured when planes were hijacked and the Twin Towers fell.
  • "Dot bombs" and the stock market crisis

    "Dot bombs" and the stock market crisis
    The dot-com bubble bursts
    Companies that were being heavily invested in showed little to no profits. The stock market was not able to sustain itself and companies went bankrupt. Enron was one of the companies that went belly up and left many unemployed and without pension benefits.
  • NCLB

    What no child left behind means
    In a sweeping change the government mandates that all students must be educated and none left behind. Many changes are made to meet the goals of this legislation.
  • Youtube

    Steve Chen
    The creation of youtube allowed millions to share videos and content on the web. It is one of the largest internet sites and more than 100 million video clips are viewed per day.
  • CERN

    Nuclear research took a new turn with the search for even smaller particles at CERN. Our quest to understand life has taken an interest in the building blocks and the smallest particles imagined.
  • Relief from NCLB

    Relief from NCLB
    Relief from NCLB
    Many states are seeking an end to NCLB. The law that was meant to create a better education system has failed due to unclear guidelines.
  • Bin Laden

    Bin Laden
    Osama Dead
    The terrorist attacks of the last decade were planned by oneman, Osama Bin Laden. He was killed by Seal Team 6 in what we hope to be the defeat of the Taliban.