the war ends

  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    the Manhattan Project was created to make things of war such as the atomic bomb. better and improved guns planes tanks trucks.
  • what is a kamikaze

    what is a kamikaze
    these men would crash there planes into enemy ships in order to stop the allies from progressing the japanese created bombs that were piloted by kamikazes and even torpedos.
  • battle of the bulge

    battle of the bulge
    this was the germans last chance of hope at destroying the alllies. the germans tried to cut off the allies supply route so that they could take control of all allied supplies.
  • america invades Iwo Jima

    america invades Iwo Jima
    At this point in time b29 bombers were being used to drop bombs on tokyo but they would not be able to reach tokyo from mariana island. the americans invaded Iwo Jima for the japanese had also made vast number of bunkers and tunnels through the island. 60,000 marines were sent to capture Iwo Jima
  • what is a fire bombs

    what is a fire bombs
    say if you put the power of a napalm and made it into the size of a grenade thats pretty much what a fire bomb is.
    the americans were using fire bombs in the invasion of okinawa.
  • the american invasion of okinawa

    the american invasion of okinawa
    the invasion of okinawa was for the purpose of getting closer to japan for a massive offensive strike by the americans.
    the americans were going to lead a massive invasion on japan so that they would surrendor.
  • the bombing of hiroshima

    the bombing of hiroshima
    the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and it obliterated everything about hiroshima. this was a big deal at the time japan was not surrendering to the americans so the americans dropped a bomb
  • the bombing of nagasaki

    the bombing of nagasaki
    after the japanese bombing on hiroshima the japanese never surrendered. so the americans tried to negotiate the surrender of the japanese. but japan would not budge on trying to win a war they were already losing so the japanese called the amercans bluff and gen 2 of the atomic bomb aka fat boy was dropped on nagasaki