the vietnam war

By komeko3
  • the start

    Vietnam War started in March 1959 and lasted for almost 26 years. The North Vietnamese Army used conventional military tactics and strategies in the war while the South Vietnamese Army and the U.S. Army implement air strikes as well as search and destroy operations.
  • Buddhist Riot

    Buddhist Riot
    Buddhist monks start setting them selfs on fire.
  • over thrown

    over thrown
    Diem has his brother killed. the Diem regime is over thrown.
  • la Drang Valley

    la Drang Valley
    the battle of la Drang Valley
  • B-52s

    b-52s bombed nourth vietnam.
  • the tunnels

    the tunnels
    the iron triangle of Vietnam tunnels are discoverd.
  • Hue

    the Battle for Hue. massive graves where found.
  • massacre

    the MyLai Village is massacred by US troops.
  • TET Ofencive

    TET Ofencive
    also known as the Vietnam New Year. the day that North Vietnam and the Viet-cong decided to attack the south.
  • the end

    the end
    The south surenderd to the north.