The Verona Games

By tbott5
  • Reaping

    For the day of the Reaping of the Verona Games, Romeo and Juliet risk their lives to save the ones they care for most, Rosaline and the Nurse.
    In the book Romeo and Juliet, Romeo loved Rosaline so much that he couldn't live the same without her, and Juliet had loved her nurse like it was her mother. This reaping scene shows their care in the story. Also, at the end of this scene, like the end of the act a fight breaks out.
  • Feast

    Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love with each other at the gathering held by Prince Escalus before the Parade of the Tributes tomorrow.
    This is very similar to what happened in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo fell in love with Juliet at the feast held by Capulet.
  • Friar Lawrence & Marriage

    Friar Lawrence & Marriage
    Friar Lawrence gets assigned Romeo and Juliet for the Parade of the Tributes. He realizes how in love they are and marries them before the games.
    In the book, Friar Lawrence also married Romeo and Juliet seeing their love towards each other. They both did it in a secretive manner too.
  • Parade/ Evalutation

    Parade/ Evalutation
    Romeo and Juliet wow the crowd with their fiery outfits in the Parade of the Tributes. They go on to be evaluated by judges who will judge their surivial skill capabilities in order to allow the citizens to bet on which family will win. Juliet scores the highest. This event is more Hunger Games related, but can be perceived as Capulet judging whether or not Juliet is ready to be married.
  • Verona

    The tributes are moved to the rubble of Verona to compete in the 74th Annual Verona Games. The city, however, is now overgrown with trees.
    This is very similar to Romeo's banishment, excepted all of them are banished and they are going from Mantua to Verona instead of Verona to Mantua.
  • Games Begin

    Games Begin
    As the games begin, Romeo and Juliet are split apart from each other as their families go their separate ways. After brief fighting at the beginning. All is quiet as the families find a spot to set up camp.
    This is similar to the natural separation both families had in Romeo and Juliet. They would rather die than receive help from each other.
  • Encounters

    Juliet stumbles into Romeo as she is collecting berries. They converse and whatnot. Until Mercutio and Benvolio come looking for Romeo, and Tybalt comes looking for Juliet. Mercutio gets into a fight with Tybalt and Mercutio ends up dead. Then Romeo gets angry and kills Tybalt.
    This is almost exactly like what happened in the book, where Romeo, Meructio, and Tybalt got into thier fight and Romeo got banished to Mantua.
  • Death

    Romeo and Juliet run away into the woods together. However, Petruchio finds them and throws a spear at them. Juliet dodges and hits him with an arrow. She looks back to find that the spear hit Romeo. Juliet sings him a song until he dies.
    This event is more Hunger Games related, but still gives the tragic emotions that Juliet has when she discovers that Romeo is dead.
  • Suicide

    After watching her Romeo die, Juliet eats the poisonous Nightlock berry, killing herself.
    This is very similar to Juliet's suicide in the book, except that she killed herself with berries instead of stabbing herself.
  • Affects

    Outrage his sparked all throughout Mantua and the Verona Games are permanently cancelled and all tributes return home. Montagues and Capulets decide to end their feud forever, and honor their childrens' death forever This is also very similar to the book. In both cases, the Montagues and Capulets stop fighting in order to honor the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.