The Use of Energy in the U.S. -Through the Years

  • Discovery of Coal

    Discovery of Coal
    In 1673, Louis Joliet and Father Jaques Marquette created the first map labeled with coal deposits. *No date.
  • Coal Production Begins

    Coal Production Begins
    The first commercial coal production begins in Richmond, VA. *No date.
  • Lightning is Electricity! Eureka!!

    Lightning is Electricity! Eureka!!
    Ben Franklin makes the discovery that lightning is electricity. This discovery paves the way for the future use of electricity.
  • Street Lights are Lit with Gas

    Street Lights are Lit with Gas
    In Baltimore, Maryland, the street lights are for the first time ever lit with gas instead of coal. *No date.
  • First Natural Gas Well

    First Natural Gas Well
    The first natural gas well was drilled in 1821 in Fredonia, New York. *No date.
  • First Steam Locomotive

    First Steam Locomotive
    The first steam locomotive is invented in 1830 by Peter Cooper, naming the train Tom Thumb. *No date.
  • First Use of Oil

    First Use of Oil
    The first use of oil was by a Pittsburgh man by the name of Samuel Keir in 1847. *No date.
  • First Windmill in the US

    First Windmill in the US
    The first windmill used to generate electricity in operated in Colombus, Ohio. *No date.
  • First Geothermal Power Plant

    First Geothermal Power Plant
    The world's first geothermal power plant is operated in California. *No date.
  • Nuclear Power

    Nuclear Power
    Nuclear power makes its debut in Richland, Washington as the first nuclear reactor begins operation.