the united states between the 1950 -1993

  • Period: to


    In that times the united states was seggregate but goverment started to change the law and blak people started to fight for their rights.
  • Seggregation out!!!

    in may of154 the U.S. supreme court bans seggrgation in publics shcool
  • Ruby was born.

    Ruby was born the 8th of septmber of 1954 in Missisipi four years later she move to New Orlaenns.
  • Rosa Parks arested!

    Rosa Parks an African American woman, is arested dicember 1st for refusingto give up her seat to a white man. Bus boycott launched in Montgomery Alabama.
  • buses dessegregate

    After more than a year of boycotting the busesand legal fight , the Montgomery buses desegregate.
  • No more seggregation in suthern schools

    Federal court forced the desegrgationof schools in the south.
  • First day of school!

    Ruby had her first day at Frantz Elementary School For Whites in New Orleands.
  • Peace!

    Freedom rides begin from Washingtong D.C:Groups of black and white people ride buses through the South to challenge seggregation.
  • Martin Luther King in jail.

    Police arrest Civil Rights Leader Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and other ministers demostratingin Birmingham, Alabama, then turn fire hoses and police dogs on the marcher.
  • Civil rights act.

    President John F Kennedy calls for Civil Rights Act
  • President John F. Kennedy was shot and dead.

    President John F. Kennedy was shot and dead by Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the crime but was shot and killed two days later by Jack Ruby before any trial.But years later in 1996 in a vidio named "The Murder of JFK: Confession of an Assassin" James Files confess that he was the person that shot John F. Kennedy
  • "The Problem We All Live With"

    Norman Rockwell published in "Look" magazine the painting "The Problem We All Live With"
  • Yes Civil Rights Act

    President Johnson signs the Civil Rightss act of 1964.
  • Mudered!

    Black Nationalist Leader Malcom X is mudered
  • Martin Luther King dead

    Civil Rights Leader The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is asassinated in Memphips, Tennesse , Unleashing violence in more than100 cities.
  • Ruby Publised

    Ruby Bridges story was publishied