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  • The unified kingdom of Great Britain

    The unified kingdom of Great Britain
    the result of Acts of Union being passed by the parliaments of England and Scotland to ratify the 1706 Treaty of Union and so unite the two kingdoms.
  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution
    The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes that occurred in the period from about 1760 to some time between 1820 and 1840. This transition included going from hand production methods to machines, new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes, improved efficiency of water power, the increasing use of steam power and development of machine tools.
  • Boston Tea Party

     Boston Tea Party
    The American boycott of taxed British tea led to the Boston Tea Party in 1773, when shiploads of tea were destroyed. London responded by ending self-government in Massachusetts and putting it under the control of the British army with General Thomas Gage as governor.
  • Period: to

    American Revolutionay War

    The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), the American War of Independence or simply the Revolutionary War in the United States, began as a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Thirteen Colonies, but gradually grew into a world war between Britain on one side and the newly formed United States, France, Netherlands and Spain on the other. The main result was an American victory and European recognition of the independence of the United States, with mixed results for the other po
  • Napoleonic Wars

    Napoleonic Wars
    the Waterloo War was the last war of the Napoleonic wars.
  • the Great Exhibition

    The British Empire was expanded to include India, large parts of Africa, and many other territories throughout the world.
  • First World War

    First World War
    The UK armed forces were engaged across much of the British Empire and in several regions of Europe, particularly on the Western front.
  • World War II

    World War II
    The UK entered World War II by declaring war on Germany in 1939.
  • olympic games

    olympic games
    The 2012 Summer Olympics, officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad[2] and commonly known as London 2012, was a major international multi-sport event celebrated in the tradition of the Olympic Games, as governed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It took place in London, United Kingdom, from 27 July to 12 August 2012.