• Oct 12, 1492

    Tobbacoo in the New World

    Christopjer columbus is given "certain dried leaves" he soon throws them away but, in that simple act of recieving he had began a trade that would ultimately affect the whole world.
  • Nov 1, 1492

    Smoking? What is that?

    Jerez became the first smoker, outside of the Americas and was quickly arrested and held for 7 years. By the time of his release smoking ha become insanely popular in Spain and was the habit of choice.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Two Packs a day keeps the doc away

    Tobacco is used to treat a range of ailments. It is used for headaches, hliltosis (we all know how that must have ended), and even cancer. Society embraced the habit and didnt' look back.
  • But King everybody's doing it....

    King James of England blasts the habit of Smoking and all that it represents in Counterblaste to Tobacco. Beginning the first anti-smoking movement.
  • America home land of the tar and home of the Emphysema

    James town is founded and takes to the use of Tobacco as a means for income. It is quickly becoming an economic mainstay of the colony.
  • Color Me Dark

    The first Africans are brought to America and are made indentured servants. This began a trend in America that would ultimately lead to the death of many and tobacco becoming and even more prominent crop.
  • Mean Green

    Tobacco is used s currency. This lead to greater circulation and awareness of the crop

    Smoking is banned in Connecticut and limited to once a day. The first governmental banning in the United States.
  • Legalize IT!

    Tobacco notes are used as legal currency in Virginia. The notes attested to the quallity and quantity of ones tobbaco stock.
  • More..MORE...MORE!!!!!

    The first U.S. tobacco company is built and is owned by Lorillard. Marking a signifigant growth period for the tobacco industry.
  • Well I have bad news and bad news.

    John Hill publishes "Cautions against the Immoderate use of Tobacco" possibly the first clinical study of the drug.
  • Bright Leaf

    A new species of Tobacco is discovered and is seen to be a much hardier plant and can grow in even sandy soil. This new species was responsible for creating a more profitable crop.
  • Tobacco and you

    Tobacco and Organisms is published linking cancer and smoke as well as highlighting the dangers of second hand smoke.
  • Eureka

    Wynder finds that by painting ciggeret tar onto the backs of mice cancer forms. It is the first definitive link between cancer and cigaretts.
  • Mommy NOOOOOOO!

    The first study on maternal smoking is conducted. There seems to be a correlation with smoking and prematurity.
  • Dude IT could KILL you!

    The first Surgeon General report condemns smoking. Tobacco is now a threat to human health