The Timeline of Morrie Schwartzs' Life.

  • Morries first day

    This is Morries first day living on planet earth.
  • Morries mother dies

    It is a sad and tragic time for Morrie, he misses his mother, and his brothre was diagnosed with polio shortly after her death.
  • The hospital

    One of Morries first jobs was working in a mental hospital.
  • The first day

    On this day Mitch enters Morries class for the first time as a Freshman in college, where they first meet each other.
  • Mitch graduates.

    Mitch has completed his college years at Brandeis University in the city Waltham, Massachusetts. He says his good-byes to his favotire professor, Morrie Schwartz. They both plan on keeping in touch with each other.
  • Morrie gets some bad news.

    On a hot day in August, Morrie and his wife visit his doctor, they had been running tests on Morrie for a while now. His doctor tells him that he has been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, (ALS) He was told it is terminal, and he will suffer a slow, painfull death.
  • "Nightline"

    Morrie had an interview with Ted Koppel, the host of ABC-TV show "Nightline." He was interviewing Morrie because Ted saw an article written about Morrie and wanted to interview him himself.
  • Nightline part 2

    Ted and the Nightline crew come to visit Morrie and do a follow up interview because the previous interview had gotten a lot of press.
  • Final Nightline

    It is Morries final interview with Ted Kopel, it is almost a goodbye interview. Morries time is almost out.
  • Morrie dies.

    Morrie had been in a coma when he died. He died when no one was in the room with him, Mitch believed he died this way because he did not want anyone to be there when he took his final breath. His funeral was heald two days later, on a Tuesday.
  • The first Tuesday

    Mitch goes to Morries house for the second time, they catch up on the sixteen years they have not seen each other. They talk about the world.