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The timeline of a DIshwasher

  • Joel Houghton

    Joel Houghton
    The machine was made of wood and sprayed by water as it was hand cranked. He was the one to start the dishwasher idea off. His version was hardly workable.
  • Joshephine Garis Chochran

    Joshephine Garis Chochran
    In 1889 Josephine Garis Cochran invented the first workable dishwasher. She was soon getting requests for dishwashers at resterants and other homes.
  • Dishwashers installed

    Dishwashers installed
    In 1920 dish washers became more modern. Also dishwashers became installed with pluming.
  • drying

    In 1940 dishwashers were made with electric dyers. They gradually became more popular.
  • Dishwashers in the house

    Dishwashers in the house
    Dishwashers became popular and a common household machine. It made Peoples lifes more efficient and easy