The Time Line Of Sonja Henie

  • Sonja Henies birth

    Sonja Henies birth
    Sonja Henie was born in Norway,Olso and her dad as a sugsseful fur trader and her mom inherated money from her family. She had only one brother that was older than her and he did Ice Skating.
  • Her first lesson

    Her first lesson
    Sonja Henies one and only brother tought her how to ice skate Henie pefered FIGURE ICE SKATING. Her favorite part was the whiring sensation of ice skating and the resulting sense of power over distance and gravity.
  • Her First Love

    Her First Love
    Her first lov was dance, she started it when she was four years old. She did it for a long time then she quit to do something else.
  • The Big Day

    The Big Day
    Frogner Stadium was the site of the 1927 Women's World Figure Skating Championships.Dressed in a white velvet, bell-skirted dress designed by her mother, Henie won over Austria's Herman Planck-Szabo.

    Henie had a thrill of seeing her idol, a Russian dancer Anna PAVLOVA on stage in London which inspired her to adapt PAVLOVAS Dying Swan.
  • Success

    Henie impressed her first New York City audience of 15,000 at the Ice Carnival at Madison Square Garden.
  • Holly Wood Here I Come

    Holly Wood Here I Come
    Sonja Henie prepared to retire from competative skating and go into professional skating. She also planned to be a Holly Wood actress.
  • Millions Of Dollars

    Millions Of Dollars
    Henie got to be one of the top Holly Wood earners. She earned about 25, million dollars for her motion picture career. She was a RICH lady.
  • Heart Breaking

    Heart Breaking
    Sonja married Daniel Reid, an american sports investor , but they divorced in 1946
  • Mental Cruelty

    Mental Cruelty
    Henie married Winthrop Gardiner jr. a bisomess executive. He divorced her for desertion and mental cruelty in May 14, 1956
  • Happy again

    Happy again
    Her third and final husband was to fellow Norwegian Niels Onstand, a shipping magnate. She had no children.
  • Death

    Henie and her husband where going to Europe and she became very ill, so her husband rented a privet plane so that Sonja could see her doctor but she died on board before she got to the doctor.