The Start Of The Declaration Of Independence

  • 1754 to 1763

    1754 to 1763
    The cause of the French and Indian War was that all three British, French, and the English wanted control of North America and the Ohio River valley. The result of this war wasn't pretty. In the end, in the year 1763, the British winded up winning the battle and conquering most of New France.
  • 1764 Sugar Act

    1764 Sugar Act
    In order for the Britsih to be powerful and wealthy, in 1764 they passed a law to tax sugar, wine and other important things people used often. The British also hoped that passing the Sugar act, would have colonists sell their goods to Britian, but it didn't go their way. The town people were very upset and they formed a boycott
  • 1765 Stamp Act

    1765 Stamp Act
    Before the Stamp act, it was alright to mail different things to different places, but in 1765