The Spanish inquistion

  • Jan 1, 1478

    What were the motives behind the spanish inquisition?

    They geared toward getting rid of heretics in spain , calm the populace of spain.
  • May 5, 1478

    Where did it occur in the spanish inquisition?

  • Jan 1, 1483

    Who was involved in the spainsh inquisition?

    Pope Gregory ix 1231, Thomas de Torquemada 1483
  • Oct 17, 1483

    When did it occur in the spanish inquisition?

    12th century, Oct. 17,1483
  • Jan 1, 1492

    What was the spainsh inquisition?

    A religious tribunal or court established in Spain from 1480 to 1820 AD, but most active from 1492 on. It was intended to maintain Catholic Othrodoxy in their Kingdom
  • Why did the spanish inquisition occur?

    To root out false converts; especially from Judaism
  • What methods were used in the spanish inquisition?

    torture method, method of execution for heretics