The Sik Road 1CE-1500CE

  • Period: 100 to Jan 1, 1500

    1CE to 1500CE

  • 105

    Chinese Invent Paper

    This was significant because records could be kept much more easily and efficiantly. Also, things were no longer word of mouth.
  • 220

    Han Dynasty falls

    This is significant because China, as well as most of the silk road, was in chaos, so that premoted anarchy and bandits. This effected the silk road because it wasn't as safe, and supported by the Chinese Emperor.
  • Period: 300 to 400

    Silk clothing is worn widely in Rome

    This is significant because the silk had to be transported on the Silk Road
  • 320

    Gupta Empire Reigns in India

    This made premoted Hinduism, making the Hindu priests travel to other parts of the continent on the silk road.
  • 400

    Secret of Silk making is leaked

    This made it so there were far more people making silk around the continent and the Silk Road, thus a lot of China's silk trade dwindled
  • 476

    Western Roman Empire Falls

    This made it so the demand in Rome was lessend because the government was out of balance
  • 500

    Silk Worms are are created by stolen eggs

    This increased the amount of silk production in central Asia, effecting the supply and demand
  • Period: 552 to Feb 7, 742

    Goturks take hold of Silk Road route in Eurasia

    This made it so that the Silk Road was controlled by new people, and thus adding different rules and regulations
  • Feb 7, 600

    Silk Worm farms built in Europe

    This made it so the Europeans that wanted Silk didn't have to have it transported all the way to them from China
  • Feb 7, 600

    Muslims in Mesopatamia and Control Spice and Silk Routes

    This is significant because the spice and silk routes were controlled by different people, changing many things about it
  • Feb 7, 700

    Arabs Conquer Spain

    This introduces the eastern knowledge to Europe through travel on the Silk Road
  • Period: Feb 7, 700 to

    Spices and Silk are the main Commodoties of Eurasia

    This is signifcant because the silk road has less comodoties on it because it doesn't need to have many more.
  • Feb 7, 1000

    After Crusades Middle East and Europe's knowledge is distributed

    This is important because many of the people are traveling on teh silk road to spread knowledge and trade
  • Feb 7, 1100

    Ghengis Khan Takes Charge and Increases the Span of The Mongol Empire

    This was important because it ushered in more security on the Silk Road
  • Feb 7, 1200

    Silk Production Starts in Italy

    This makes the supply of silk increase greatly
  • Feb 7, 1206

    Mongol Peace Begins

    This opens up the trade and on the Silk road, increasing the use of it
  • Period: Feb 7, 1300 to Feb 7, 1400

    Golden Age of Silk Road comes to a final end

    This is signifacant because it is when the security of the mongol rule has dissapted and the Silk Road is no longer safe
  • Feb 7, 1492

    Christpher Columbus Goes to the New World

    This lessened the travel on the Silk Road because there was a new sea route
  • Christianity takes root in China

    Europeans start to influence the Chinese more and the things that Europeans like need to bee transported to them from Europe. Therefore, they need to travel over the silk road.
  • Period: to

    Golden Age of Silk Road Under Tang Dynasty

    This is when the most trade was going in the Silk road, and is the golden age of it