The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur non fiction172

  • Chapter One The Rose That Grew From Concrete Pages 1-34

    Tupac describes his life and what he has been through. He tells about his life without a father and without direction. He believes he was alone and that no one cared except for God. And when he was asked, he stated the one person he loved unconditionally was God.
    34 pages
  • Chapter 2 Nothing Can Come Between US Pages 36-101

    Tupac writes about his lovers and how he feels about them. He writes about Marquita and how if there is trouble they will get through it and how he wants to spend his life with her. When they break up he explains its because he loves her. Then he meets Irene and falls in love again but she goes for a different guy. Tupac then writes about how love is confusing. Elizabeth a new girl is described as a different love to Tupac she is his friend. Next is April who he had married but he...
    65 Pages
  • Chapter 2 Nothing Can Come Between Us Pages 36-101

    ....devorced her and explains it's because he loves her. Renee, Elizabeth, and Jada are all next girlfriends but of which none seem to work out.
  • Chapter 4 Liberty Needs Glasses Pages 134-172

    .. goodbye to the people in his past.
  • Chapter 3 Just A Breath of Freedom Pages 104-131

    Finally getting freedom after feeling like he has been locked in a cage like an animal. Mrs. Hawkins lost her son to a racist society. Tupac describes someone unknown as the sun, warm and bright to everyone. He describes high school drop outs aren't dumb and unemployed aren't always lazy. Crack ripped his family apart. His mother and Tupac will ride the river of pain and suffer. A teenage mother asks the dad for some money for the baby and he leaves.Where there is will there is a way.
    27 Pages
  • Chapter 4 Liberty Needs Glasses Pages 134-150

    Tupac believe liberty needs glasses because there is no liberty if there are slaves and they can't see that. The race shouldn't matter to any citizen, no one backs them up, they believethey should be equal and lady liberty stands for nothing. Tupac doesn't believe in promises. He is proud of himself that he followed the dream though through all this pain. He will never be haunted with shame again.there will never be piece on earth until it falls to pieces. He followed his heart and said
    16 pages