La roca

The Rock

  • Dwayne Jhonson

    Dwayne Jhonson
    He was born in 1972, Hayward, USA. As a child, he wanted to become a CIA agent.
  • Dwayne Jhonson´s adolescence.

    Dwayne Jhonson´s adolescence.
    Since Dwayne´s father wanted Dwayne to become a wrestler, he became a wrestler while only having 11 years old!
  • Period: to

    The Rock now

    In 2002 he was invited to be the protagonist in the movie The Scorpion King and was paid 5.5 Million dollars and broke the world record for being paid the most in one movie. One of his most famous roles while being an actor is Luke Hobbs in Fast and Furious, since the movie was so popular he also became pretty popular for his acting skills.