The Road To The Revolution

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  • the Arrival

    the Arrival
    on april 18,1775 Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott go to concord to let them know that 700 british are on there way over and the town is frightened. The kings army called the "redcoats" get to Lexington, Massachusetts, not being so far from Concord
  • Lexington

    the kings troops saw 70 soldiers in line on the village green. the british commander demanded his soldiers to stand down, but the colonies continued to go on, then someone had shot and the soldiers began to shoot, the war only lasted for about 15 minutes. At the end 8 soldiers were killed and 10 were wounded and only 1 was injured. the battle of Lexington was the first battle to start the Revolutionary War. th
  • Concord

    The British went to concord and encountered an empty arsenal. Then decided to go back to Boston and as soon as they arrived another fight began, British soldiers started to fall very fast. The soldiers that were left made there way back to Boston that night. Colonies grow hatred towards Britain and he’d there soldiers hostage.
  • Bunker Hill

    Bunker Hill
    While in Boston Thomas Gage wanted to attack Bunker hill. He sent 2,400 soldiers up to the hill. At the end the colonies had lost 450 men, while British suffered over 1,000 casualties. This battle then became the most deadliest battle of the war
  • New York

    New York
    British soldiers had la des on staton island for a few weeks. By the end of August the British soldiers had gotten over 34,000 soldiers. The Red Coats marched against the Patriot position at Brooklyn Heights. General Washington ordered a brilliant retreat to Manhattan by boat. Americans suffer 1,000 casualties and British lost about 400 men.
  • Trenton

    George Washington and his 2,400 soldiers got a surprise attack on the hessian soldiers. After the war hessians had 22 killed, 3 wounded , and 1,000 of the soldiers were captured. Washington’s soldiers were only two killed and 5 wounded but a lot of them did die after the war due to illness
  • Saratoga

    The Burgoyne attacked the America’s but were defeated and forced to retreat. They later on decide to surrender
  • Philadelphia

    British captured Philadelphia led by George Washington. Philadelphia becomes the continental congress
  • Valley falls

    Valley falls
    The revolutionary force had secured a privet victory. The army has defeated Brandy wine, Pauli, and Germantown, but Philadelphia didn’t.
  • Marquis de Lafayette

    Marquis de Lafayette
    Marquis was George Washington left hand man
  • Yorktwon

    America force colonies and French soldiers sieges to British army.the British came with 9,000 soldiers and they fought. York two. Was the last revolution war
  • Treaty of paris

    Treaty of paris
    In pairs King George lll and American representatives signed of to make America free marking the end of the American revolution.