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The Premature Burial: The Undead monkeys EC,MD,BP,LM

  • Main Problem

    Main Problem
    The narrator's disease, catalepsy, causes him to constantly pass out and come to. He goes on a hunting trip and talks about his constant fear of being thought dead and buried alive.
    The narrator awoke and found himself buried alive in a tomb.
  • Period: to

    Undead Monkeys "Premature Burial" Plot Map

  • 1st event

    1st event
    The narrator put food in his vault with a bracelet with a bell attached to his hand. This is so if he is buried alive he will be able to ring the bell and get rescued. His coffin can open from the inside.
    The narrator awoke and found himself buried alive in a tomb.
  • 2nd event

    2nd event
    The narrator is swooned in darkness when he awakens.
  • 3rd event

    3rd event
    The narrator is confused when suddenly he wakes up by a scream saying "arise!" Then he realises that he is dreaming. He goes on a hunting trip with his friend.
  • 4th Event

    4th Event
    He awakes again in darkness, not sure where he is.
  • Climax

    He becomes aware that he is in a coffin, and naturally believes that he is truly "buried alive" this time. A deep fear overcomes him as he considers his situation.
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    The narrator forgets about his hunting trip and calls for his friend to save him from his fate.
  • Falling Action 2

    Falling Action 2
    The narrator's friend "rescues" him from his coffin, and tells him that he passed out while hunting. It started to rain, so they therefore put him in the coffin in the cave so that he didn't get soaked.
  • Resolution

    He realizes his mistake and is relieved to be with his friends and safe.