The Pre-War of Japan

  • 300

    A Bowl of Rice

    A Bowl of Rice
    In 300 b.c. rice came to Japan. The Japanese began to grown and harvest it. As agriculture developed so did society.
  • Sep 24, 1543

    Wrecking Japan

    Wrecking Japan
    In 1543 a ship from Portugal wrecked in southern Japan.
  • Shinto Gate

    Shinto Gate
    During the sixteenth century A.D. Shinto was joined by another religion.
  • Warship

    In 1853 a U.S.warship commanded by Matthew C. Perry sailed into a Japanese harbor.
  • Reacted

    Japan reacted!
  • The War

    The War
    By the 1903 Japan was at war with China.
  • Japan Schools

    Japan Schools
    AJapanese school teacher helps his students with their writing lesson.
  • Eighteenth Cetury

    Eighteenth Cetury
    Japan started to be the capital city.
  • The Code of the Warrior

    The Code of the Warrior
    Japan saw the beginning of a more military kind of rule