Poll tax

The Poll Tax

  • Introduced in Scotland

    The poll tax was introduced on 1st april 1989 in scotland
  • Period: to

    Poll tax


    in 1990 the ABAPTF (All Britatin antiPoll Tax Federation) was set up
  • 15% percent of Scotts not paying

    By september at lewast 15% of scotts were not paying the Poll Tax
  • intruducedin rest of british aisles

    The poll Tax was introducedin the rest of the British Aisles
  • Law

    the tax vacame law in april 1990 and by july 1990 there were 14 million non-payers
  • More scott reuse to pay

    By january 1991 Over 35% of scott's refuse to pay
  • More refusals

    over 19 million people were refusing to pay thepoll tax
  • The battle at trafalgar

    The batle of trafalgar was when the APTU set up a meeting at trafagr square expecting about 20,000 peopel to show up but but 200,00 people showed up and the police refused to move the event
  • poll tax replaced

    on 10th of april 1991 the pol tax was abolished and replace with the council tax
  • Start studying

    on 31st of april mr pembrokes history class started studying the poll tax