The Other Side of the Sky timeline

  • Family Moves to Kabul

    Farah's father and his parents and siblings move to the city of Kabul.
  • Soviets Invade Afghanistan

    The Soviets invade Afghanistan. Things still remain fairly peaceful in Kabul.
  • Farah is Born

    Farah, the third child in her family, is born.
  • Farah Steps on a Land Mine

    On the way to school, Farah cuts through a field and steps on a land mine.
  • Period: to

    Hospital Stay in Afghanistan

    Farah spends 40 days in the hospital after her land mine injury.
  • Period: to

    Hospital Stay in Germany

    Farah is transported to the hospital in Germany, where she stays for two years. While she is staying here, Farah's left leg is amputated and her right leg surgically fixed.
  • Farah Returns to Afghanistan

    Farah returns home to Afghanistan, where she realizes she is thinking a little bit differently about the world than when she was before the land mine incident.
  • Farah's Father and Sisters are Killed

    While Farah and her mother are shopping for cloth, a rocket lands on their home, killing her father and two sisters. Only Farah, her mother, and her two brothers remain.
  • Farah and Her Mother Flee to Quetta, Pakistan

    Six months after her father's death, and after her brothers have fled, never to be seen again, Farah and her mother receive a letter from her mother's cousin, living in Quetta, Pakistan. They decide to make the long and risky journey to Quetta, traveling both by bus, by train, and by foot.
  • Farah and her Mother Fly to the U.S.A.

    An organization called World Relief flies Farah and her mother to America.
  • Farah and her Mother Today

    Today, Farah lives in a suburb of Chicago with her mother. She speaks good English and has learned how to drive despite having a prosthetic leg. She is in high school and has a good life in the U.S.A.