the Corvette

  • First Corvette

    First Corvette
    in 1953 the first ever corvette hit the showroom floor. this car costed 4,490 dollars.
  • Second Corvette

    Second Corvette
    the second corvette went into production in 1963 10 years after the first Vette was produced.
  • c3 Corvette

    c3 Corvette
    this is the last Corvette that Zora Arkus designed and this car had some huge advances from the c2
  • Zora resigned as head enginner

    Zora resigned as head enginner
    Zora the first head engineer for corvette resigned in 1975. he was probably the most significant one because he designed the first one and designed the next 3 corvettes.
  • C4 Corvette

    C4 Corvette
    The c4 corvette was probably one f the biggest jumps in technology in these cars. they had a fuel-injected v8 and also came in a convertible option
  • Dave Mclellan

    Dave Mclellan
    dave Mclellan was the second head engineer for the corvette. he designed the C4 which was a major step for corvette this is when they really switched things over to "Luxery" vehicles
  • C5 Corvette

    C5 Corvette
    the biggest difference between the c4 and the c5 is the power. the c4 made 245 and the c5 makes 350 using the same 5.7 leater v8
  • C6 Corvette

    C6 Corvette
    the c6 corvette came out in 2004 and set new standards for corvette. it did not have poop up head lights and it was also lighter and faster than the previous generation.
  • Dave Hill

    Dave Hill
    was a chief engineer for general motors and is best known for his major contributions to the c5 and c6 corvette, he retired in 2006
  • C7 Corvette

    C7 Corvette
    the c7 Corvette came out in 2013. this car came with its new ls3, which produced 500 horsepower on the wheels. they also came out
  • Head engineer of the most technological advanced Corvette

    Head engineer of the most technological advanced Corvette
    the head engineer of the c8 corvette is Tadge juicier. this was probably the biggest change that corvette has ever made.
  • the C8 Corvette

    the C8 Corvette
    The c8 corvette was a huge jump for the company. This was the first car that was mid-engine as well as having the best track handling and this was their first corvette.